"Queen" and Hermes Scarves

  1. Last night I saw the new movie "Queen" at the theatre and Queen Elizabeth was wearing so many Hermes scarves!! So beautiful!! :love: You must see this movie if you love scarves. I love the cashmere/silk dark green one she wore on her head, but don't know the name of it.:hysteric:
  2. I heard great reviews about the movie itself, this will give me another reason to go.
  3. Yes...HG...of all the people I know...you must go!
  4. ^^^^^^There was that much Hermes????:confused1: :shocked:
  5. I would love to see that movie as well. Thank you for the tip and letting me know it is worth seeing.
  6. HG...There were a lot of Hermes scarves while Queen Elizabeth was in the country with her dogs (unless the scarves were fake, but I don't think so). No bags that I could observe. I really couldn't pay that much attention to the movie...just looking at wardrobe and interior design the whole time.:graucho:

    Kellybag...yes, i just paid attention to her scarves...silly me.
  7. Any movie where I can see Hermes stuff I am so there!!! Thanks for the tip LH......we were going to see it but now this gives it that extra zing for me!
  8. Wow, thanks for the tip!!
  9. Shopmom and Rose...I want to see the movie again!
  10. hum,,... where is it playing?
  11. I saw the movie too and think it was quite well done. I did notice the scarves Helen Mirren was wearing and wondered if they were H. I didn't like the styles though, too hunting-related for me, but completely appropriate for the movie.
  12. Oooooo . . . I'm there.
  13. i don't know why i admit things like this, but i imagined this thread was going to be about transvestites and luxury brands. :shame:

    clearly i spend too much time walking on 8th avenue . . . .
  14. I have always found it interesting that the Queen wears H scarves. She has to wear British clothes, certainly for state occasions, but in private life on her estates she presumably can wear what she likes. I don't think there are any name British scarf manufacturers so perhaps that is how she can get away with Hermes. I could def. visualize her wearing a Kelly, but don't think that she owns one or ever will. That would be too much "Frog" for the populace to swallow:lol:

  15. You could have been thinking of the rock group:wlae: