Quasi-Reveal: 16B Lambskin O-Mini Clutch w/Chain WOC

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
    I'm calling this a "quasi-reveal" because to me it's not *really* a reveal because there are no teasers! I wanted it to be more informative, because we have never seen this model before (although something similar in the brilliant CC patent variety a few seasons back).

    Some of you may know that I am an avid WOC collector, and so this model is dear to my heart because it takes the WOC to the next level for me. To be clear though, many people use their WOC for different purposes - for myself, I mainly collect WOCs for the purpose of pairing with a large tote or briefcase (like a large Prada tote or 35/40 Birkin) - and when I am going to the store or running some place, I just leave my tote in the car and throw my WOC around me and I'm ready to go. I also love this style for it's cross-body functionality, but the "wallet" part is essential for me. Some of you love the WOC to be used as a standalone like a mini flap, so in that case this model may not sing to you as much, but for those ladies using their WOC as a go-to wallet inside a tote, you may love this as much as I do!

    Off the bat, the price is amazing at $1,500, which is about $600 less than a classic WOC.
    The bag is constructed like two small zip wallets joined together by a center "compartment" - which is PERFECT for the iPhone. It fits my iPhone 6S+ perfectly, even with a case and a ring.

    I've also included comparison photos to my reissue classic WOC and classic medium lamb flap.

    Other notes:
    • The chain is detachable with hooks
    • The chain tucks in nicely in the middle compartment when the phone is not inside, and looks like a clutch or wallet without the chain
    • Each zippered compartment looks identical to each other, each with canvas lining and 3 card slots. The center compartment has no pockets/slots
    • Even though each compartment only has 3 slots each, it is "thick" enough to hold or carry coins, extra cards, and even your car key (depending on how big your key is), and it's long enough to not have to fold your bills
    • To me, the flap is to the classic WOC as the camera case is to this o-mini clutch with chain. But one advantage this bag has over the classic WOC is the sides and bottom are actually reinforced quilted panels, not just thin strips of leather (which then weaken over use)
    • That modeling shot is NOT me, but an SA modeling the same bag
    Here are shots of the outside of the bag:
    Photo Jul 03, 1 05 45 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 05 50 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 08 59 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 09 03 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 13 01 AM.jpg
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  2. (Continued)
    Shots of the interior (including how it fits my iPhone 6S+ perfectly):
    Photo Jul 03, 1 08 04 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 07 26 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 08 40 AM.jpg File Jul 03, 1 33 33 AM.jpeg
  3. (continued)
    Shots of the chain tucked inside, looks like a wallet or clutch, followed by comparison pics for size, and the style tag

    Photo Jul 03, 1 09 22 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 09 26 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 10 32 AM.jpg Photo Jul 03, 1 12 33 AM.jpg File Jul 03, 1 34 37 AM.jpeg
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  4. This is awesome! ❤️❤️❤️ I always wondered what the inside looks like. Thanks for sharing !!!
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  5. thanks! I love it so much!
    I think it's called the o-mini clutch with chain? But I'm not really sure if it has a name!
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  6. I love it!
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    Thanks for sharing all this info and pictures!
  8. I really like this a lot!!! Congrats!
  9. Love this! Going to ask my SA to find me one. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
  10. Thank u roku!! I've been dying to see a reveal + review on this new style. Tried searching YouTube and got nothing. What a cute option compared to the WOC, would you mind sharing how long the strap drop is?? One of the main reasons I sold my WOC is bc it was way too long on me, even when carried crossbody. If this is shorter I may have to add this to my wishlist!!
  11. This is a very cute bag! Thanks for all the details on it!
  12. Does it come in red?
  13. Ah I have been looking for a reveal of this since seeing it in a runway photo, many thanks
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  14. I love this!! Thanks so much for sharing! Is the strap the same length as the WOC?
  15. this is a great bag. i like it without the chain, personally. thanks for sharing!