Quarantine, Consultation & Surgery at EU Dental


Aug 23, 2020
This is my experience getting Zygoma Reduction & Mini V-line surgery with Dr. Shin at EU Dental.


14 Day Quarantine:
After a 12 hour flight from America, and 2 hours at Incheon Airport, I finally arrived at the government facility hotel. It was an hour shuttle ride from the airport. Upon the arrival, me and everyone else who was on the shuttle was seated, so we could all download a quarantine app. After that, I payed for my 2-week quarantine stay, and then got tested for Covid. I was then, finally sent up to my room. They gave me a bag of goodies with snacks and drinks to go up with me. By the time I got inside my room, I was so tired... I went straight to bed. The hotel itself was really nice, and my room also had a balcony! It was nice to be able to go and get fresh air whenever I wanted. For the next two weeks, I would work on a project on my laptop. Since they would bring me meals 3 times a day, I didn't have to worry about making food, and could just focus on my project. The meals they gave me were pretty good most of the time. A few times I didn't like the food, but to be honest, I can be kind of a picky eater. Overall, the quarantine went by pretty fast for me, because I had something to keep me busy.

I left my 14-day quarantine and had my consultation with EU Dental. The place itself is in a really easy location to get to, right across the street from Sinsa Station. Entering the EU lobby, I had my temperature taken and then sat down. I was then greeted by the english translator Kayla, who is super nice and speaks English really well. I then, took some before-photos and scans, before meeting with Dr. Shin. I originally had in mind to do cheek-bone & v-line surgery, but the doctor pointed out that I wouldn't need to shave my jaw in order to get my desired look, as for my jaw is already quite small. Which was nice to hear, because instead of pushing for more surgeries, he did the opposite, which actually saves me more money. I agree with his conclusion and also think less can be more. Overall, he was really calm and patient as he answered all of questions. I felt good about speaking with the doctor and feel confident about going through my surgery with Dr. Shin. After speaking with the doctor, the translator Kayla was nice enough to take me to the Money Exchange place. I hadn't exchanged my money yet... Which was really nice of her. She also went with me to do all the pretesting.

My Reason For Choosing EU:
Besides the consultation going well, I chose EU because I new that I wanted to go with an Oral & Maxillofacial clinic to do my Facial Conturing surgeries. I feel that Oral & Maxillofacial clinics priorities health and safety, while also enhancing your appearance. And specialize in Facial Conturing. I considered other clinics like The Face Dental, but to be honest it felt right to go with EU. I have never really heard anything bad about the clinic, and they have so many informative video's online about all the various procedures they do. They go really in-depth about how all the procedures work, and what to expect from and after surgery, etc...

The Day of my Procedure:
After fasting since the night before, I came in on my scheduled time at 10 am. I changed my clothes into the clothes they provided me for my surgery. After waiting for them to get everything ready, it was finally time to go into the operating room. After laying down on the operating chair, I was given an IV and a mask for oxygen. Before I knew it, it was lights out. To be honest the thing I was most nervous about the most was being put under, because I had never been put under before. But honestly it was nothing to worry about, it's like everyone says. The next thing I knew, I was waking up from everyone calling my name after the procedure was over.


Day 1 (Day of my Procedure): I'm pretty sure I was walked back into the room where I would stay for the first day, at about 2 pm. To be honest the worst is the first hour, because I was so tired, and a little bit dizzy from the anesthesia. My mouth was a little bit sore too. All I wanted to do was fall asleep but couldn't. After the first hour, I started to feel less dizzy and more awake. Also, the soreness calmed down as well. So from there everything was fine. I would just drool a lot, and of course there was a little bit of blood, which is normal. After the 4 hour mark, I was excited to finally drink some water. A nurse would come in every so often and change my ice pack, for a colder one. That night I didn't get very much sleep, I kept waking every time I would fall asleep. The next day, I got my stitches checked out and little bit of cleaning. That evening, I was able to walk back to my air bnb which was only a couple blocks away.

Day 2: It was still hard to get decent sleep, as for I would keep waking up. I could feel my face start to swell more and more, but other then that I didn't feel much different then day 1. For food, I would eat three times a day, mostly just porridge and yogurt. I had to be on a liquid diet. To be honest, I didn't really have that much of an appetite after surgery, so eating for me wasn't so bad. After every time I ate, I would take the medicine I was prescribed. At this point, I would still find my myself drooling in some parts through out the day.

Day 3: Sleeping was the same. Everything was the same as day 2, except after waking up, my face was at it's most swollen! It doesn't hurt at all, it just feels kind of awkward and my face felt hot.

Days 4, 5, 6, & 7: To be honest, all of these days are pretty similar. Waking up the 4th day, you can feel your face start to slowly deswell, and your face doesn't feel as hot anymore. From this day, sleeping got so much better! I could find myself starting to sleep soundly again. Up until the 7th day, it seems like 80% of the swelling goes away. My face started to feel more normal, and also more mobile. I could start to move my face a little bit more instead of it being so stiff. At this point, you can really see the results of how your face has changed. I was really impressed to see my new features and could already start to take pictures from any angle, and like how the picture looked. At this point I took all my medicine too, and didn't have to take anymore, which was a plus. I also got my outside stitches removed.


I'm finally 2 weeks post op, as I'm writing this! After the first week, you start to deswell even more. And today, I finally got my inside stitches removed! My mouth feels normal again and I can even open my mouth pretty wide. It feels so good to be able to floss and brush my teeth with toothpaste again. Also, I can start to chew soft foods. It feels really go to be at this point of my surgery. My face feels really good, it's only a little numb in my chin and lower cheek area, which is normal. So far, I'm really satisfied with my results and look forward to see how my face will look in the upcoming months. I'm really excited to fly home in a couple of days! I will post my X-rays below, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


Oct 21, 2020
Do you still have swelling? I want to get double jaw surgery and thinking of EU. How is their facial contouring?