Quantity or Quality (curious what others would do)

  1. So ever since I found out about the Empriente Chain Necklace with Pendant in White Gold for $1,160.00 I have wanted it! Obviously the quality is awesome and I know DesigningStyle just got hers in Yellow Gold and it is Beautiful.

    Would you rather get 3-4 pieces of Costume jewelry from Louis Vuitton that you like and would proably purchase if the Empriente was not so cheap or even existed? Or would you just go for the better of the bunch and make it your first Fine Jewelry piece?

    Do you need 2 new rings and a necklace when you own one already own one of each (I own one of each)
    Another necklace would be nice to mix it up?

    Or if your not a jewelry person, relate this to a Large Leather Good compared to 3-4 small leather goods or how ever you want to look at it.

    Do you want the Quantity/ or the better quality (not that the costume jewelry is not good quality, it is great, I have no problems with my stuff)

  2. Im amways going for quantity over quality. Id get the real deal. HOwever, the damier parttern is in silver so its not really any "worse". Its not like the resin pieces etc.
  3. I'd go for quality. The white gold will definitely last forever and I'm sure you will appreciate it more.
  4. k well were tied right now haha
  5. I vote for quality too...although I don't have any lv jewelry I have a few white gold pieces from other designers...the look and the luxurious feeling cannot be compared with silver...
    I say go for the necklace and you won't regret it...
    Good luck matt!!!
  6. quality comes first
  7. Get your first fine jewellery piece. You will love the quality and not get tired of it I.M.O.

    Good Luck with your decision!
  8. i'd go for quality, Matt:tup:. plus fine jewelry is an investment, too.
  9. I'd go for the Quality.
  10. go for gold! i did :yes:
  11. I dont like gold on me! but it seems like Majority votes quality.

    Now I hope the chain is long enough. Elux says its 13.4 in long... that is a choker! now I dont know haha
  12. Quality, because I hate LV's costume jewellery but love their fine jewellery! If I were to compare the actual pieces I think the Empreinte is classier than the other three put together :biggrin:
  13. Go for GOLD !!
  14. Quality over quantity - I love the empriente - not that your other choices are not gorgeous - but the empreinte is beautiful. I also have had my eye on it - but have not seen it in any of my local boutiques - I was told I had to go into NYC to see it. DO you have dimensions on the "little wheel" part and the length of the chain? The LV website or eluxury said something about 13" but that wouldn't fit around anyone's neck that I know - PLEASE model it for us.
  15. I'm usually a quantity over quality person, but I'm loving the Empriente Chain Necklace! It is beautiful! Is there one of the two choices that you like better than the other? I'd rather get the necklace, if not a bag or other accessories. I'm personally not too crazy about the 3 costume jewelry...but whatever you choose I'm sure you will love! :tup: