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  1. What to do? I bought a medium signature carly during PCE which I haven't used yet and have been on the fence about. Then today at Lord and Taylor I saw a Medium Hamptons Carryall, which I've wanted for ages. But I can't justify having both. Which should I keep? They are both similar in size, one is signature (the carly) and the other is leather.

  2. it sure sounds like your heart is with the carryall. i'd go with that, if that will make you happy.

    are you debating because you bought the carly during PCE at a discounted price, and the carryall is at full price? i'd still rather get what i'd be 100% happy with, even if it was a little more expensive that the next best thing (the carly). i've bought a lot of purses in the past that i sort of liked, but wasn't 100% satisfied with. so i ended up hardly using it, and eventually sold it on craigslist or eBay. i'd def say go with what you'd truly be happy with.
  3. Actually I got it on sale at L&T, so there's not much of a price difference. I'm just thinking do I really need yet another black bag? But I love it so!
  4. If I buy a bag and don't carry it pretty soon, I know I don't need her.
    That probably doesn't help, but it helps me keep clear about what I really need:shrugs:
  5. I've finally gotten to the same point.

    If you're truly on the fence about the Carly, return her. I felt the same way, and haven't looked back. In fact, I feel less guilty without her sitting in my closet, reminding me of my failure to wear her!
  6. x2. Great advice I think!