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  1. Sorry if this post is long!

    I currently use a gucci abbey med shoulder bag from the cruise collection: http://www.gucci.com/int/uk-english/int/cruise-07/handbags/#153025_FFKAG_9678 (im from hong kong, somehow its not on the us gucci website).

    Anyway, I've had it for 4 1/2 months and and use it for my everyday work bag... its a great bag, but I've noticed that the fabric has already started to fray near the straps! While I'm not exactly very gentle to the bag, for the price I paid, I expected it to hold up much longer than this! oh and btw I bought it in a gucci boutique...:crybaby:

    My bag is pretty heavy because I need to put quite a lot of stuff in it, and its a single strap which I was a bit worried about when I was buying, but the SA said it was fine... maybe this wouldn't have happened with a double strap bag?

    Also the platinum leather has quite a few, very noticeable scratches... I wonder if neutral shoe polish would work since the leather is done with metals using a heat melt technique (says on the card inside the bag)?

    Has anyone else had this kind of problem with thier bags? I also wonder if the sale also applies to Hong Kong? Last time, during the fall winter sale they only had GG plus bags on sale...

    I really want to buy another gucci if theres a sale, but I'm really afraid this will happen again... Maybe the leather bags like the guccissimas stand up better? Or maybe I should buy LV instead?
  2. Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry this has happened to you. I heard that Gucci leather is not treated and you need to treat it before use. A lot of people use Scotchguard on the fabric and apple guard leather conditioner for scratches. Maybe they will help, and in a way preventing it from getting worst.

    I am new to Gucci but my bags are still pretty new, nothing fray or so.

    Gals here are very helpful, they will have more ideas.
  3. Oh thats not good... What about the Guccissima leathers... Are they treated? I guess the leather on my bag seems sensitive because its metallic, once it gets scratched, it loses its shine.

    Thanks a lot for replying! :smile:
  4. Anyone that can give me some more advice please?
  5. I personally don't think that a double strapped bag would be much different. I think the only way you can prevent this would not to put so much stuff in your bags (esp heavy books etc). Being more gentle with the bag might help.
  6. aw sorry that this had to happen to your bag.. like above^, DO try to be gentle to prevent further damage
  7. Thanks for the replies! :smile:

    Alright, maybe I exaggerated a bit.. I'm not that gentle (for example I inadvertently scratched the leather once) but I'm not harsh on my bag at all! :P

    Well anyway I actually do think it's because of the single strap... My bag isn't actually that heavy, I carry the essentials: a phone, wallet, some pieces of paper, 2 cosmetic cases and an umbrella, but I guess the strap makes it seem heavy! When I'm using the bag, the bag sags, and the area connecting the straps to the fabric is pretty tight.

    See some of the pics I have attached: The area of fabric connecting the piping and the strap is starting to fray... I mean I was thinking about taking it to a Gucci store, but what for? I don't think they would repair something like fraying, even if the whole bag had threads hanging loose, it would take too much time! But you'd think they'd make more durable bags considering the the prices! Anyway I don't think I'm going to buy another fabric bag unless it's a small one... Maybe an all-leather one instead.. Or at least a fabric double strap

    Anyway thanks for taking time to read my excessively long post. If you have reached this point, congratulations. :smile:

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

    Attached Files:

  8. I wonder how the SA's at Gucci will react if I show them this... Will they offer to repair it, or even exchange it, even though it's been used? I've heard of friendly SA's actually exchanging used bags, and some of the SA's at the Gucci boutiques in Hong Kong are pretty friendly..

    I've actually always wanted a Guccissima leather Pelham...
  9. i have heard that the guccissima stands up a lot better to the test of time although i do not know from first hand experience. i have heard also that LV's have a reputation for being very durable. (gucci please forgive me for saying that)
  10. Umbrella!? Even if it's a compact one, it's still too heavy. I personally prefer leather or nylon handbags than fabric, since they're more durable and easier to care for.

    I think it's a good idea to take your handbag to the Gucci boutique for them to look at, see if they've any suggestions. They probobaly would not do an exchange, but would give you some suggestions to keep you bag in good shape.

    My mom stuff her bags like a Peking Duck! But she changes purses frequently so the bag has time to *rest*.
  11. Haha... Nah, the umbrella is seriously the weight of a cell phone, it would really not make a difference!! But beejerry, didn't you say in a post that you got your bag exchanged after 8 months? Anyway thanks for the tips everyone! :smile:
  12. definitely think the guccisima will hold up well. Honestly, I prefer gucci to LV. I like their styles and colors so much more.
  13. I think if it has been w/in a year and you have a reciept (or you could be in the computer) they will fix it for free.
  14. I have a bag and a wallet from this line as well, and they are in perfect condition even with all my abuse - my DH says I lug a 7-11 around. For that kind of abuse, a double strap tote is better IMO. A fabric bag is fine actually - I think my Gucci holds up better than my Prada nylon. It's a gorgeous bag though :smile:
  15. Thanks for all the advice TPFers! Will take it to the boutique during the weekend when I have time...