Quality....Who's got the best?

  1. This stems from another thread about CL shoe quality. What brands do you think have the best shoe quality and who needs to get it together (let us know what issues you have had).:confused1:
  2. I have JC, Manolo, Gucci and from just looking at the workmanship, I'd say Jimmy Choo has the edge. I also have various other brands such as Via Spiga, Guess, BCBG and have to say that I've had a few issues with BCBG (tip of the sole fell off on the first wear) but only with one pair, and let's face it, I got it for $20. Guess shoes are well made and Via Spiga is excellent, especially for the money spent. Other brands with good quality- Sergio Rossi and Casadei.
  3. ^^BCBG which? There's BCBGirls, which are not very well made, and BCBG Max Azria, which in my experience have all been made of GREAT leather and exceptionally well-constructed.
  4. Oh, sorry BCBGirls, yes. I have to make another correction as well, the proportion of my lower-end shoes to higher-end is much bigger, I own maybe 10 pairs of BCBGirls and one pair of Jimmy Choo and two pairs of Gucci and 2 Manolo, so really, BCBG held up well, considering that I own so many and I do beat them up unlike the high-end shoes. I baby those and don't even wear them to work.
  5. [FONT=&quot]Gave this topic a bit more thought, and realized I tend to favor shoes in the mid-priced range because they seem to emphasize leather quality and good construction. This means names like Coach and Cole Haan, both of which have been around forever and really concentrate on quality. Some of the styles are kind of dumpy, but I guess that’s a sign they’re determined to provide comfort.:shame:[/FONT]
  6. I've had good experiences with Prada and Ferragamo.

    I've had problems with Manolo, MJ and Gucci. I only have one pair of JCs, but maybe I need to expand that if the workmanship is better quality.
  7. I worry about my CLs after what other people say with theirs going haywire at times. Nothing has happened to mine really.

    I haven't had problems with my Manolos or Casadei.

    BCBG Max Azria...nothing has happened yet, but the heels on one of them always feel like they're going to snap if I'm walking on a hill.

    I have one pair of Isabella Fiore that I love and they're rock solid. Another pair fell apart before I even made it out of the house and the cobbler I went to said that he couldn't repair it. It turns out the sole was made with basically paper. *rolls eyes*

    A pair of Pradas feel like they may have a weak heel, but nothing has happened yet. Another pair I just got are rock solid.

    Overall, I'd say it would have to be broken down into shoe models as no brand seems to be fool proof. :smile:
  8. I would say it's a toss up between JC and Prada. Both hold up extremely well. Plus Prada shoes are soooo comfortable imo.
  9. From my personal experience Louboutin's are still #1 in my book in the quality/comfort dept. Perhaps it's b/c I only wear CL's (on the most part as far as high-end shoes are concerned; I only have one pair of Jimmy Choo's and one pair of MB's to date), perhaps it's luck (I've yet to have a pair of CL's break down on me), perhaps it's my anal retentiveness and how I inspect every single pair of my CL's beforehand, or perhaps it's just fate (as in the arch/last of most other high-end designer shoes really do not fit my feet -- e.g. the last time I tried on a classic pair of MB pumps, my feet literally hurt from just 5 minutes of standing on carpet and trying to walk around the store). Many of my high-heel CL shoes I do not wear too often on the streets of NYC. Rather I put the shoes in my purse, wear flats, and then change into the heels once indoors. If it's short-distance street walking then no problem, I'll stroll in the heels. But in general I guess I'm pretty anal about taking care of my shoes.

    As for the CL sandals and wedges that do get a regular beating from walking the streets -- e.g. Cataribbon espadrilles, L'Evidence wedges, etc. -- I've never had a problem with them. My Cataribbon wedges never got zip-soled to begin with and I wore them non-stop all through last summer and this summer.....literally wore them everywhere, walking, shopping, running through airports, on overseas trips, in thunderstorms, etc....they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn despite that 4.5 inch heel. And they are still in great shape -- nothing became undone; I'll probably get it zip-soled soon before storing them away for next summer, but they don't need anything else fixed. Usually people say that with summer shoes like rope espadrilles, it's not worth the money to buy high-end designer.....well for me it was worth every penny as my past espadrille purchases from stores like UO or BR generally fall apart after one summer, if not sooner.

    In terms of mid-end designer/high-street shoes, I've got great experiences with Via Spiga and Nine West. Affordable shoes that can take a beating and actually last.
  10. I think Jimmy Choo is excellent. The boots in particular are absolutely fabulous. The most comfortable, high quality and stylish boots IMHO.

    As far as mid range, Max Azria is quite good IMHO.

    CL is good and by far the sexiest if you ask me but JC is a bit more comfortable and IMHO has better quality control.
  11. I feel a bit guilty about the fuss I made about my recently damaged CL shoes. I still feel that CL has the best quality of high end designer shoes. Cosnidering that I wear CL shoes on a daily basis through the streets of NYC (think pot holes on every street, cobble stone streets, and numerous subway stairs), most of my CL shoes have held up quite well. And I do not change into flats during my commute so I wear them for at least 12 hours a day, I only get them re-soled once necessary, and I do not really coddle my shoes.
    I own a few pairs of MB, all of which I have worn a handful of times to indoor events and they have not held up very well. I think that MB shoes are very delicate and need to be taken care of in order to last a long time.
    My second pick is Prada, I have shoes from 5 years ago that I have worn hundreds of times and they are still in great condition. And I find Prada the most comfortable shoe, much more so than CL. Unfortunately their styles are not very creative.
  12. I think Jimmy Choo is the best. Very good craftmanship and they hold up extremely well. They cost 2-3 times more, but they also hold up a lot longer. Also their styles are very unique and they don't repeat their seasonal styles. I am a big fan. :graucho:
  13. I agree, Coach and Cole Haan have some nice quality stuff (I still will only buy if they states that they are "Italian" goods).

    Stuart Weitzman have great quality and D. Pilner as well... comfort too!

    My Manolos have really thin sole and I could not wear them for the whole night.

    My experiance with Bally is good and bad mix, love their mules, but their wrap-ties fall apart on me after 1 day of wear! :sad:

    Burberrys are quite nice, love CL's, Miu Miu's and Prada's quality.

    Did not own a Choo yet but heard that their boots are awesome to wear!
  14. prada shoes have held up exceptionally well for me...i have one pair of black pumps that are rock solid and have held up extremely well while doing a lot of city walking. i havent had experience with CL yet (soon!) but prada for me has been wonderful and i usually stick to what i know will be durable :smile:
  15. Ah, thanks for the reminder, lolitakali - I forgot all about Donald J. Pliner, another of the mid-range high-quality group of brands. The DJP styles often get a bit weird, but the nice ones are certainly well made.

    Can't really comment about Stuart Weitzmans, since they all seem to be just too narrow for my feet.