Quality time with scarves......and the aftermath

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  1. Last night I spent quality time with my scarves. I took each one out and tried tying them on in different ways.....(obviously I lead a very dull life :rolleyes:).......the outcome, unfortunately is this.

    Having trouble loving my brown/fuschia colorway of "Red Berries" and my red colorway of " Champs de Courses" and both looked good on me in the store! :Push:.

    So.......first, anyone have this problem after buying a scarf that looks good on you while in the store only to find that it doesn't work well for you once your home?

    And......anyone know of other colorways in these two designs?
  2. OMG...I thought I was the only one with this problem.
    I love to take them out and play especially in the evening...what a dull life I have too! LOL!
    Quite a few of the scarves I buy I purchase over the phone which the SA describes to me. I am too lazy to send the ones I am not really crazy about back and don't want to pay shipping fees so I end up keeping them. :sweatdrop:
  3. i had so many scarves at one point that I never wore and i sold off everything so that I now have a about 8. --i dont feel so bad about not wearing them. scarves are high maintenance (wearing them). they are simply not my personality...........love the look-hate the fuss. you all are sounding like i did and thats why i responded....
  4. Does it have something to do with the outfit you were wearing?

    I saw the Red Berries on you and it looked great!
  5. The red berries also came in a cream/beige/white background....I think. It was lovely.
  6. Red berries comes in many colorways - I don't know what's in stores, but the last time I looked the Hermes-France website showed this in more colors than the Hermes-USA website. But - pink, white, orange, red,brown like yours and black backgrounds. The red berries on the black background are yellow, but the name of the scarf remains...red berries.
  7. I bought the Ballet Equestre in the aqua colorway simply because it took my breath away. Unfortunately the design doesn't have much "contrast" when tied and the color looked AWFUL on me. Short of framing it - it wouldn't have seen the light of day so I sold it. But it is a work in progress with each scarf. Some are sure hits and some aren't. I think that adds an element of thrill for me. It's a hunt - so to speak, to find the perfect drape, pattern, color, etc.

    I bought one plisse and returned it because it didn't "lay right". Yet a month later my SA pulled one out and tied it on me and it was so stunning that I bought it and now collect them. So you just never know.

    It's like relationships. You can't just be attracted to the look of it, you have to like how it lays and ties, how it looks, how it makes you look, and most importantly how it makes you feel.
  8. Sorry, accidental double post
  9. I saw the Red Berries in black with yellow berries - lovely!!!

    I hear ya re scarves that looked good in the shop and then somehow don't suit you. Right now my orange 'Champs de Courses' is sitting in its' box waiting for its' first outing.

    Hold off on selling them though... I had this before with an ice blue 'Les Boxes' which then became my favourite winter scarf to wear with jeans and brown cashmere sweaters. Also I had it with the light blue 'Ecole Portugaise Equestrienne' - the blue and gold was just too overpowering - until last Sunday when I wore it with a turquoise/peach ensemble and the scarf was JUST PERFECT.
    Some scarves I guess are a little demanding with the outfits they decide to go with....
  10. Oh but the Berries was absolutely gorgeous on you in the store!!! It went so well with your coat!
  11. So far I am pretty good with the scarves I purchase in the store. My SA is really strict with me. She absolutely will not let me buy anything that does not look good on me, she just flat out says no!!! I really wanted a couple and she just said, no, its not right for you!!!

    I really need that! If it looks good, she takes me over to a couple of different mirrors to be sure. Its the ebay ones that sometimes fall flat, but since I usually love the designs to much, I dont mind too much. One has been relegated to belt status for the DD though....too mumsy.

    As for colourways, I dont know about red berries, but the cdc comes in a lot of colourways. I have the burnt orange and the pale lavendar (which has plum and indigo drawings!!) All About Nice has a beautiful cafe au lait colourway, :P and there is a fantastic grey mousseline, too. Medium gunmetal grey background with graphite, not quite black drawings....Also a cream with graphite drawings, as well as pale yellow with grey....All with the contrasting hem!!

    (I wanted them all, but I already have three cdc scarves....I am struggling with this...there are so many pattern, but i just love this one so much...:confused1:)

    Other cdc mousses: I also saw a minty green with darker green drawings, as well as the dark blue that I have.... So, if you love that pattern, perhaps a mousseline will ring your bell???

    Good luck!!!
  12. Have you seen Champs de Course in mousseline, utterly gorgeous in all the colourways I have seen: ivory/grey, orange/red, red/pink and turquoise/navy, ther are probably others too. I think the blue one would look amazing on you and the chiffon is so lovely for the summer. It's the same size as the silk carre.
  13. Oh, yes, my own C de C is 'sable' sand, which is like an old antique gold, not sure if the colour would be best for your skin though, you have lovely clear pale skin I think, not like my sallow skin, lol.


    Also seen it is lilac and terracotta.

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  14. My thoughts exactly. I was so honest and open that day-LOL.. Remember that Thanksgiving's Scarf that I :Push:..
  15. ooh i love the red berries in the brown colorway. i bet it loks fantastic on you!