quality time with hubby cost me a lily

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  1. ok, there was a xl lily on ebay starting bid $700 NIN $1000.

    I checked this morning still no bids. I sent the seller a ? about shipping last night, but hadn't heard back. I decided if I hadn't gotten a response today at noon I would just bid anyway. Well I forgot b/c hubby insisted no iphone while we watched a movie.

    The bag went for the min $700.
  2. He owes you $700!! Just kidding....that sucks....I finally saw a Lily IRL today (or well, a "mini" lily) and it's a gorgeous bag. I hope you find another one at a great price.
  3. Thats okay, there will always be another chance. I mean, time with DH is more important than a bag right? At the end, its just another bag.
  4. Seems like you should be able to find another one for that price soon on ebay. I wish I had a lily.
  5. I am sure you will find another one even at a better price
  6. Ohhh, sorry to hear this happen. You will find another, but I know how you feel. Time with DH is much more important. Was the movie good?
  7. AWw that sucks! Hopefully you will find another! Good luck!
  8. Better than the alternative - a handbag costing you a hubby.
  9. It was a movie called Chaos (2005) with Ryan Phillipe, Wesley Snipes, and Jason Stratham that I am not sure ever made it to the theatres. It was entertaining and had a plot twist at the end. We also watched The Mist a Stephen King movie that was just laughable. I can't even describe the good parts without giving away the movie, but Marcia Gay Harden was GREAT!

    Someone said there were Lilys at an outlet. I am going to call them and see what they are going for. My outlet won't do a charge-send or a transfer so unless I know someone near there it is doubtful I could get it. However, I would still like to know what they are going for.
  10. True... and my DH is VERY understanding of my shopping habits!
  11. Veelyn, farmerswife, beljwl, oopsididitagain, xIcyBluex

    All true. Good to spend time with the hubby and I will likely get the chance to get another one.
  12. You're a lucky lady!!

    My BF bought herself a Miranda at PCE without telling her hubby, which -to his credit - he was very decent about whilst telling her to return it. When I told my hubby about it his exact words were "If I ever find you've spent $800 on a handbag without telling me, I will get all of your other ones out of the closet, cut them into itty bitty pieces, and sprinkle them all over the living room floor."

    I got the hint... ;)
  13. :roflmfao: :graucho:
    Yea, he betta not cut my purses up, he would find his Xbox360 and Playstation2 in itty bitty pieces attached to a divorce decree :cursing::woohoo:
    Explaining to me that I SHOULDN'T get another purses is one thing, ruining my current collection is an entirely different ball of wax!!!
  14. I did think it was a little harsh, but I also understand that a man who appreciates, ahem, shall we say "value" over beauty is never going to understand why a girl likes Coach :lol:
  15. Maybe it was just not meant to be.. sorry for the cliche but I do mean it... Maybe next time...