Quality tights and hosiery?

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  1. It's getting chilly, and all of the hosiery I have needs to be tossed out (too many runs!)

    Does anyone know of a good brand of hosiery - preferably one with many styles, including patterns?

    I used to get mine from Victoria's Secret, but they're not very good quality.
  2. Wolford, the best there is.
  3. Yeah, Wolford has really worked for me! Verrryyy comforable too!
  4. I live in tights =] Via Spiglia & H&M & Calvin Klien & DNKY & Hues have some nice tights. Bergdof Goodman tights are the worst.
  5. Where can I find Wolford with tummy control?
  6. bergdorfgoodman.com or neimanmarcus.com both have them.

    or else, you can check out wolford.com's website for stores and find a local boutique.

    i'm recommend spanx for control and hue or dkny for tights.
  7. Thank you. I will check them out.
  8. Love Wolford!! They last a long time and are comfortable!:love:
  9. Thanks everyone!

    I bought a pair of Wolford textured leggings and a pair of fishnet tights ('Twenties'). There's actually a Wolford boutique in SF.

    I love them!
  10. I used to wear hose all the time and I always bought Christian Dior.
  11. Has anyone tried the Wolford polar tights? Have been thinking of getting them for a while..though they are a lot of $..
  12. I also love Wolford. The one here in Chicago is having a sale right now--almost everything is 30% off. If there is a boutique near you, I'd definitely recommend stopping by. As everyone else has said, they are really comfortable, and they last.