Quality substitute for Moni Moni Splendor?

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  1. I love the soft washed leather and the general looks, but not the flaws and design glitches. Anybody know of a good substitute?

  2. I don't have one...but I've seen them IRL and Linea Pelle makes a gorgeous washed leather bag. They still have a bit of a 'raw' look to them, but from what I've read on TPF, they are better quality than Moni Moni. This last season's croc styles are much more 'finished', but still have that phenomenally soft washed feel to them.
  3. If you can find one, Hayden-Harnett's Pallenberg duffel is a dead ringer for the Splendor. The leather isn't as soft and washed, but the look is the same. Unfortunately the only place you can find one is probably eBay.
  4. I second both of the above.
  5. thanks for all your suggestions!