quality of Tolani scarves

  1. I'm interested in purchasing one and I was wondering if anyone can comment on the quality of the material. TIA!
  2. I just reccieved mine a few days ago and I am honestly not that impressed. I was going to return it to Kitson, but I just noticed that its exchange only. To elaborate, when I took it out of the package it had a lot of strings hanging from it. I bought the one that was on J Alba and it looks MUCH different in person than in the pic. It's thicker than I thought (I thought that it would be more like a fashion scarf than a actual cold weather scarf). The colors are also much different than they appear in the picture.

    Definitely a regrettable purchase!
  3. i have a tolani scarf and i love it. even more than my love quotes scarf.
  4. I just bought one eBay. The quality ain't as bad as the previous poster claims. The scarf is made in India.
  5. I have three tolani scarves and I think they are great quality. I really love mine. You should definately go for it! Which one are you thinking of getting?
  6. i'm also not impressed with its quality. i purchased a love quotes one and returned that as well. not worth the price.
  7. thanks everyone...i actually purchased this one, and I really like the pattern. I would say the quality isn't spectacular, but i still like it! [​IMG]
    image from blueheavenboutique
  8. You will adore them! The quality is superb. Best prices and free shipping worldwide at www.unusualthreads.com:jammin:
  9. I'm resurrecting this thead with a related question. They advise you to dryclean the scarf only. Has anyone tried to handwash the scarf, and have there been any ill effects? Thanks.
  10. I was going to ask the same question. I want to know too.
  11. I personally would not handwash it. The quality seems a bit flimsy to me and I would be afraid of it falling apart with a wash. I could be wrong, though :push:
  12. I have a couple but haven't tried cleaning them yet. My concern with handwashing is that the fabric might not be colorfast. I'd be bummed if all of the colors ran together in the water.
  13. Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts. I had never considered that the colours might run together, eeep! I wonder if there is a special detergent for delicates that would prevent that? The scarves are made of viscose-- does this material not take to dye very well?

    I have my first Tolani coming to me from Revolve-- the wool peacock scarf. :heart: I was eyeing some other designs too, but I think I'll wait to see how the quality is on this one before I pull the trigger on any more.
  14. ^ each fabric is going to wash differently, too, you know? So watch out for that as well.

    Wool might be ok when hand washed in cold water and then laid flat to dry. Just don't put it in the dryer! I did that with a sweater once. It came out looking... well, small.
  15. i love my tolani scarf!