Quality of this Burberry line.

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  1. Hello! I'm new to Burberry, and have a question about this Burberry line. It says "imported" on the discribtion. Does that mean made in China? How is the quality on these pvc Burberry bags comparing to f.ex Louis Vuitton and Gucci? Does anyone of you own a bag from this line (smoked check), and are you satisfied?

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  2. I don't have one from that line, but I did have one from the nova check line for 8 years (sold it) and the canvas held up great after heavy use. The lining disintergrated though and the dye from the handles ran (I carried in the rain) and left a small stain on the canvas. I have LV canvas and I think it will stand up over time, but I don't think the lining will. Both brands should re-line if this becomes an issue, but as I said mine was 8 years old and well used.
  3. Ok, thanks :smile:
  4. Sorry I forgot to add that 'imported' could mean it was made in 'China' or Romania, or Estonia'. I was really surprised by this for a high end brand. Now I only buy Burberry that is made in Italy. If made in Italy it will say 'Italy' instead of Imported. Good luck.