Quality of the MJ Stam, a few questions...

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  1. I got my MJ Stam in Putty maybe 2 weeks ago... it arrived fresh from NYC to Sydney :smile:

    I've used it like 6 times and I've noticed the Chain actually dents the frame of the Stam... am I the only one who has noticed this? is this normal and common with the Nappa leather?

    I've been sooo careful with this bag because I'm scared something might happen to it!! im very paranoid with it.. .and I noticed that the leather have been sliced ever so slightly on one bit of the frame... almost like when u shave ur legs and u pressed too hard on ur leg and u slice ur skin and it's still connected to ur leg??

    it's that sort of slice.. now I'm wondering are the Mj Stams under guarantee for 12months or something... so I can send it back for repairs and then have it all fixed or is that a no go?? ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I was going to post this on TFS but figured this forum would have more expertise since it is a purse forum :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Hmm...I haven't noticed that. But I've never carried my stams for more than a week straight.

    What could actually be slicing the leather? Could it be your car keys or something?
  3. well.. the keys arent slicing the leather because the slice is near the kiss lock...

    ive never used it one day after another either... just one day and then 3 days later... i've been alternating it with my thrash worthy bags...

    i think it's more noticable on the lighter colours than the darker colours...

    i dont know... do you know anything about the luxury item guarantee with MJ??
  4. I have a putty too, but I don't have the 'slice' your talking about. But, I think one time, I pressed some kind of a hardware part (must have been the chain part somewhere) on the the top from round smooth part of the bag (the lips of where the bag opens up). And it seems like it's made of some sort of cardboard underneath it. B/c I have a small pressed flat dent. Very small though. It didn't scratch nor damage the leather. But yes, there's a small dent. But I wasn't too bothered by it.

    I can't help you w/their service though, maybe you might want to give MJ a call?
  5. oh the slice i did myself i just have no idea how!!!

    so im glad im not the only one who's had the leather a little dented... *phew*
  6. Well, I understand your frustration, but things are going to happen, I wouldn't get too worked up over them.
  7. I watched a sales rep at Nordstrom open a brand new Stam--she was having trouble because she didn't know about the new kisslock and how it has to be twisted. Anyway, she dug her long, painted nail into the frame alongside the kisslock and made a dent in the leather (gasp!). It didn't completely puncture the leather, but the nail shaped dent was clearly visible. Any chance it's your nail digging in?

    Also, if you carry by the chain it will rub against the sides of the frame and make a dent or mark. I'm not sure what can be done to avoid this wear and tear since the chain hits the frame when you sling it over your shoulder.
  8. i double checked the little slice... i pushed it back into when it lifted and its invisible to the naked eye... *phew*

    I think I'm going to stop carrying it by chain on my shoulder now... and just by handles...