Quality of Stuart Weitzman shoes?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I recently saw these shoes and think that they are beautiful, if a little expensive. I have never owned any Stuart Weitzman shoes before and wanted your opinion on them. I did go and try them on in Saks, and apart from the soles being super slippery, they are a gorgeous shoe and seem to fit me well - usually I have a problem with the toe box being too small.

    How do Stuart Weitzman's hold up? Do you think this shoe, being suede, would hold up well for many years? I am not one to buy shoes for a season, then dump them. I keep them for years and years.

    Any opinions would be appreciated, even "I think they look trashy" opinions :yes:

    I wish you well,



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  2. I think they are a great color for the fall. Stuart Weitzman is a good brand of shoes so I think they should hold up for you. If they are really slippery I would get a rubber sole put on the bottom of them, or wear them outside and walk around and the sole will get worn down. If they are suede you should definitely put some sort of leather treatment on them because suede can pick up all sorts of dirt and water. Treat them before you ever wear them and you will have the best luck.

    Nice shoes like those are a good investment because they can be worn with a lot of things--dresses, skirts, pants, etc. I'm really digging the purple color too.
  3. I find Weitzman shoes to be of good quality and value. Comparable in quality to many higher end designers but better value for money.

    They generally run a half size small for me but I will stick to my usual size if buying a suede shoe. I have a slightly wider foot. If you have a narrow foot, definitely buy your usual size!

  4. I would recommend Stuart Weitzman's I own a pair and believe me there much comfy then other designer brands. Had my pair for 3 years now. I saw a lovely pair of Stuart's in Harrod's a while ago but sadly not in my size. :sad: Good value for money plus they are ineradicable!
  5. Thanks for the quick replies! Still thinking about the purchase, your input has greatly helped : )

    I wish you well,

  6. I have several pairs of SW flats and heels for work (read: not as dressy as these) and they have held up very well. I think I have two pairs of dressier heels -- one satin, one velvet -- that I've only worn a couple of times, so I can't speak to their durability.

    I do find SW shoes to be really comfortable, even for my wideish feet. If you can find them at Nordies they would take them back if you ever had any quality issues with them. Love the purple!
  7. SW hold up very well. They're one of my mom's favorite brands. She had a pair of sandals she kept resoling for years until they finally gave out. I used to borrow them from her (back when I was a 6.5 and 9 years old... those were the days!) and they were quite comfortable.
  8. I like them, their sandals are very comfortable.
  9. I have a couple of SW shoes... I honestly think it's a hit or miss. I would never pay retail and have gotten all of mine from off Saks, Nordstrom Rack, and Bluefly. Some of the shoes are comfortable, some of them kill my feet after 10 minutes. You really just have to try them on and see what works for you.
  10. Some of SW shoes are good; some are not. The quality isn't the same as it was a couple of years ago. I've had shoes and boots that have lasted for years and have held up quite well. For the past couple of years, whoever has been buying the shoes for the stores here has been buying 'old lady shoes' and I've been a bit meh about them.
  11. It seems that they may be a hit or miss comfort wise. I think that I will get them and wear them around the house to see how comfortable they are. I am most concerned about the suede, I have a suede protector which I will spray on them before I wear them out, if I decide to keep them.

    Thank you for your help ladies!

    I wish you well,

  12. I have a few pair and find that I have to go with a 1/2 size bigger in SW. I've always bought mine on sale or at Off Fifth or Nordstrom Rack. I did find that the heel tips on my SW pumps wore out super fast. I think the quality is good but the styles and comfort are hit and miss.
  13. I like SW, they are usually good quality...
  14. I have a couple of pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes and they've held up pretty well. I wear them a decent amount. I'd say the quality is pretty good.
  15. SW's were the first designer shoes I bought and keep buying because they are of superior quality and build. It has been mentioned already and it is true, they are truly comfortable shoes as well :smile: