Quality of shoes?

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  1. Hello!
    New to coach and saw a pair of shoes that I liked and surprisingly they are a great price!

    But curious on how shoes hold up thanks!

  2. I have 2 pair of the Moto boots. I love them, true to size, comfortable and so far holding up well. I don’t wear them everyday though.
  3. I own several pair of coach shoes: booots, flats, drivers, sandals and heels. In my opinion they are all well made and hold up well.
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  4. I purchased a pair of boots second hand and have worn them three times in the last week. Sightseeing in the city and for a short work day (I'm a hairstylist). No aching feet although I do want to put some insoles in them as I walk hard on my heels. But very comfy and well made.
    Staring googly eyed at the Tabitha Simmons flats now too...
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  5. I have several pairs of Coach shoes, both from the outlet and full price. They're some of my favorite shoes. They've all held up very well, and I wear them constantly. They're all very comfortable as well.
  6. About 90% of my shoes are Coach, absolutely love them!! They are all comfortable and hold up great. I am returning a pair of moto booties this week though. For some odd reason I can't walk well in them. I feel like I can't stand up straight in them. I've never had this issue before though.
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  7. I have two pairs of Coach boots and multiple pairs of Coach flats. In my experience, Coach shoes and boots run large. I am often between two sizes in many other brands but definitely buy the smaller size in Coach. All of my boots and shoes get lots of wear and all look brand new. Quality is top notch--sizing, to me, is on the large size.
  8. I can't speak for boots, but I own several pairs of Coach shoes, two pair are over 5 yrs old, one of which is snakeskin. They wear well and still look great.
  9. Those boots are adorable. I don’t have those, but I do have about 45 pairs of coach footwear between boots, shoes, and sandals and I will say they are great. I’ve only had one pair completely fall apart and that was roccassin cut outs from a couple years ago. And one pair that was completely uncomfortable because there was no padding in the footbed of the heels. But other than that I love all the boots I have gotten from them.
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