Quality of Redoute?

  1. I just discovered La Redoute and they have some pretty stuff with good prices. I'm seeing some things made of silk, tweed, angora... sounds nice. Can anyone tell me if the quality of their stuff is any good?
  2. I think it depends. I got a sweater from them that was pretty nice. I'd liken it to a mass department store brand. Like JC Penneys-quality. Nicer than Wal-mart in my experience.

    I also assume that their capsule collections with designers (like Manoush, Et Vous, Antik Batik, Rene Dehry, and Christian Lacroix) are of better quality than their regular line because the price points are higher (but I have no evidence).

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  3. thanks pg! I was looking at a cardigan :smile:
  4. Like pghandbag said, they sell many different brands, so it depends a bit on what brand you are interested in. I haven't had any bad experiences with them though, even with any of the cheaper stuff.
  5. I used to work for their parent company so i got a good discount...i think a lot of it is similar to H&M type clothing and they are so cute. Just remember that the cut of their clothing is slimmer so you may have to size up. FYI..they are going to stop expansion in the US due to a low success rate trying to break it in here the last 5 years. They are going to stop the catalog and sell online only in the US.
  6. I agree most of their stuff is similar to H&M. I found that the overall quality is okay (not poor), but the sizing is not very consistent since they sell different brands, and different brands vary in size and cuts. I have been pretty much satisfied with my purchases from LaRedoute with the exception of one item that got back-ordered without notification at the time of placing my order (it was shown as in stock when I placed the order, and then a week later they informed me it is back-ordered), and then when the "back-ordered" item arrived... it turned out to be a completely different style from what I ordered. I suppose that was just a packaging error, but I was rather upset when I had to wait a month for it, and then find it wasn't even what I ordered.
  7. It varies in my experience. Some items I've had from LR have looked shabby after a wash or two. I haven't bought enough from them to find out more, sorry!