Quality of purchasing from LV.com? Help!

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  1. Hey everyone! I have a silly question but I just purchased on Sunday a Damier Ebene Zippy Wallet that I have been lusting over for the past few years to beat the price increase. This was my first purchase online-I have always bought in store but the wallet came today and the canvas is very stiff. I have a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 and I went to compare them and my speedy is so much softer.

    Can anyone else relate to this? Is there a difference in purchasing online vs buying in store products or is it just that the quality has gone down since they started not making everything in France or in general are wallets stiffer than handbag canvas? My last wallet purchase was a Mono Sarah 6 years ago and I don't remember it being stiff at all. Hopefully it will soften up with use but it really feels so stiff right now I'm so bummed :sad:.

    ...Would love everyones feedback!!! Thanks in advance!

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  2. I have speedys and zippys and the zippy is quite a bit more structured and feels more stiff. I believe that is the nature of the wallet. It's got layers of leather right underneath the exterior for the credit card slots, and the center zip, etc. The speedy is just a single piece of canvas. No worries, IMO. :smile:
  3. I agree. The wallets are meant to be stiff to endure being tossed around in the bag. I have a mono zippy wallet and it is thanks to the stiffness that it has survived many years without looking worn down or frayed.
  4. I thought a bit stiffness for wallet is a good thing and should be that way. My insolite wallet edge is still crisp......after 4 years of use almost daisy. Zipper should run smooth for zippy. Other than that, newness with stiffness is good thing IMHO.
  5. +1
  6. I purchased a speedy b on LV.com and am not happy with the quality. To me, it doesn't feel as well made as the delightful I bought in the store. For example, I can see the red lining through the canvas stitching (guess they went to deep or something). Now I have the pain of returning it to lv.com because I am not sure if a store will take a poor quality item.
  7. +1! My 6 key holder was purchased online and is sturdier than my bags. My wallet was not and is still just as sturdy. I don't think online made a difference. I think it depends on the product. However, it is possible to get defects either way.
  8. Your wallet looks great, congrats! The DE Zippy wallet that I had was stiff, I think it's normal. You can always take it in to your local store to compare and if it still bothers you, maybe exchange for a different style. Everything I ever ordered online arrived perfect and most times better than the items in store.
  9. If your not happy it can be exchanged in store, but if you want a refund it needs to be sent back to LV.com.

    Inferior quality is inferior quality and even the least little imperfection my store has sorted.
  10. I wouldn't buy online again I did once and never again, I was sent a damaged item and on top of that the wrong one after correcting the person twice over the phone he obviously didn't give a c.ap!
  11. It's supposed to be stiff when new. I'd be concerned if it wasn't. In my experience, buying online means getting a truly brand new product, versus being offered items that have been shown to and played with by many other customers when buying in store. Congrats on your new wallet! It will soften up over time. I have the same one and I love it!
  12. Thanks so much everyone for your input! I feel so much better after hearing all thoughts and concerns. I do agree it's better when stiff so it will hold up and last for years to come! Excited to take it out for a shopping spin around town today :smile: Thanks again!!!!!
  13. I also thought it's better for wallet leather to be stiff than sloppy. My boyfriend's LV wallet came in really stiff and he baby the wallet a lot, it's still stiff up to today, as of 3 years. It is a bi-folded wallet and he never opens the wallet more than 90 degrees. Lol.
  14. I have the zippy organizer which is terribly stiff, and I love it.
    I just bought the josephine and it is a much thinner and more pliable wallet, I love it too
    congrats and enjoy
  15. It looks and sounds perfect to me :smile: every time I've ordered online my item was good condition. You can always go to a store and compare and exchange if needed :smile: