Quality of Prada?

  1. Is it my imagination or is the quality of Prada diminishing? I recently purchased a nappa gaufre from Neiman Marcus SF and there were 3 exact ones to choose from and all 3 had some sort of defect - I settled for the one with the slightest defect but later at home noticed an even more glaring one. Actually didn't notice it until just over 60 days later since I had been traveling (without the bag) and now the window for exchange has expired. So I'm stuck with it and probably at first glance I'm the only one who will notice that one of the gathered seams is not even on the back side but really, for $2200 it's more than disappointing. Considering Chanel next time. Is the actual quality of Chanel better than Prada? Is Prada going downhill since they now manufacture in China?
  2. I think the quality of almost ALL the luxury brands is declining...and has been since the early 1990s, imho. There are very few brands that I think the quality is the same across the board with all of their items. I still find some good quality Prada bags. And with Chanel, I have found big quality differences between different bags in the same style. I guess many brands manufacture their items in different places now (for example some Chanel's I've looked at in the past have been made in Italy or made in France). It seems you have to judge each individual bag for quality these days, unfortunately. I wouldn't just assume since it is brand X (you fill in the name), it is a great quality bag.
  3. Yes, the leather on Chanel bags are thinner and thinner. I've seen girls wearing classic flaps where the top of the bag looks folded like a cardboard. I really hope those are fakes, but I couldn't find any other clue suggesting they were fakes.

    At Louis Vuitton, I've been disappointed several time when I check out an item in the boutique.

    I've started a thread about this: http://forum.purseblog.com/general-shopping/buy-while-quality-lasts-696316.html. If you have any insight, please reply. :flowers:
  4. I totally believe the quality is in a serious decline. My Glace is in terrible condition. The lining (standard fabric) started to tear within a few months. My handles stitching is unraveling. This bag was a little more than $1700.00. I went to Saks to see about having it fixed and the SA said that it cost so much (more than $250.00), it wasn't worth fixing. She suggested I go to a leather shop. After that kind of investment, they can't do repairs at a more reasonable price???

    Oh, and the leather on that bag is so extremely sensitive. The patina changed the color more than I like and every little drop of water shows. Don't get caught in the rain in this bag!!
  5. IMO the quality began to decline back in the 80's when the credit explosion was taking off and every body and their mother was buying designer items that previously only the real rich could afford. There just don't seem to be any real status symbols any more. I am certainly not exempting myself from this. The only way I could afford my collection was buying them pre-loved at a huge discount. But at least they are authentic!

    eta: that is why I like Prada.......you don't see one hanging off everyone like you do LV and Gucci. When I carry my LV i just don't feel 'special' iykwim
  6. yeah indeed the quality for prada is starting to really annoy me. You'd imagine they could do a little bit better considering that they aren't cheap. My prada cervo is in terrible condition, it's just good as garbage bag now with all the cracks and peels. And the stiches are busted.I only used it a handful of times!!! I still like Louis Vuitton. Even though they arent all leather, but mostly canvas, i dont mind paying so much for them, at least they keep up to the quality and durability i expect. I absolutely adore Bally.I know they probably suit mature people more, but the quality and the leather is just to die for. Dont even get me started on gucci and their easily stained fabric bags at unreasonable prices with poor stiching..i dont even want one for free these days. Not sure about chanel.I havent used mine that much,but i guess a chanel bag is a MUST,classy and timeless according to me

  7. I T A - I'm a Bally girly now. I sold my least used Prada and bought Bally and it's perfect. I love it.

    I still have some older Prada which I might keep because the quality is there and they were made in Italy. But some of what I see instores now, and on this site, is so poorly manufactured, I'm not even tempted.

    I have a cervo lux which I have not treated badly, but it looks like an escapee from a cat fight, and there's nothing I can do about it. The Lux finish is crap. So I'll just keep thrashing it as an everyday bag and I don't care any more. In fact it's quite funny sometimes to see people's reactions to the way I use it!!! But what can you do - it's even beyond eBay.
  8. Viaggiare,

    I can't speak for Prada since I am new to Prada. But I can honestly say that I see no different with the quality of Chanel. I owned 3 of the Chanel classic flaps each purchased on Dec 2007, July 2008 and August 2009 (all of the same design & size just different colours).
    While all were purchased at different prices due to the regular Chanel price increased, disappointingly, quality is noticeable going downhill.
    The most recent bag had such an unbelievable workmanship (worst, considering the price!) and I also noticed right away that the bag is so much lighter. So as investinbags mentioned, I agree the leather is getting thinner too.
  9. Totally agree with all of the above! These days I am mostly buying vintage Prada (save for a few current wallets). It seems the quality of everything in the designer category (bags, clothes, shoes) isn't what it used to be. Seriously disappointing!
  10. I have saved a ton of money this past year because of this very issue;) I refuse to throw my money away on garbage.
  11. Almost all brands (except LV) manufacture their bags in different workshops. One workshop might produce two or three brands at the same time. I've had 3 Prada bags and one wallet. My Prada Saffiano Fori still look like the first day I bought it, and also the wallet, so, maybe I'm just lucky?
  12. Agreed!
    I bought a BR4303 from Joanna and found an uneven stitch near the main zip which cause the zipping to be difficult and after a day of usage, found leather peeling near the zip. Brought it to my local boutique for checking as advised by Joanna.
    Luckily the local boutique checked and agreed that it is a serious uneven stitch and did a one-to-one exchange. But the second piece despite no uneven stitching have some peeling too. The salesperson agreed that the zip is not so good on this design coz the leather lining is too near the zip. And finally allowed me to change to a non-zip bag.
  13. I've always loved Prada (my first designer bag was Prada), but the last 3-4 times I visited a boutique I was very dissapointed with the quality/price ratio. I was in Florence and Rome two weeks ago and of course visited Prada, but even though some of the designs appealed to me I could not bare to part with my hard earned cash for any of them - the quality was just not there. Uneven stitching, wrinkled leather (on smooth designs), and even thin/flimsy feeling leather, all of course overpriced. The same goes for some of their clothes; I was shopping for a new Prada winter coat to replace my 6-year-old Prada coat (great quality by the way), but none of the available coats matched up to my expecations regarding stitching, thickness of the padding etc. Just not worth the money IMO!
  14. thats why I prefer the older lines, like 2006. I love the classic Prada black leather with silver hardwear. Not too keen on what theyre putting out for us these days :/
  15. Chanel's quality is definitely going downhill also. At least the price of prada is more reasonable.