Quality of Pottery Barn Furniture: Opinions?

  1. I always get the Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail and I have ordered several of their items, like a rug and chandelier, usually on sale. I was wondering if anyone here has ever ordered any of their furniture and I'd appreciate some really honest opinions. I love the look of a few of their sofas. Would you consider their furniture well made and relatively long lasting? Thanks!
  2. My uncle used to work for them and his house is furnished with almost everything! it is great quality and very nice! Restoration Hardware has been having a lot of sales lately, check them out too!
  3. I saw an article in Smart Money magazine a while back that said it was not good quality. I am trying to find it but having trouble. Did anyone else see it?
  4. Was that the article that showed how the inside of the furniture was made? The article wasn't positive.
    Are you expecting it to last a long time & pass it down to your children?
    If you like it, that's what is important.
  5. I love their look but don't think the furniture is any better than items in a regular furniture store. To me pottery barn has captured a image of putting things together and it looks great. Anyone can copy that look.
    I bought a hallway chest and top thing with hooks to hang coats or what ever on. It looked really nice and is built OK. But after a few times of the little kids hanging their light sweatshirts and backpacks which were not heavy. ( I mean my son was 5) the hooks came off the wood and I need to reglue it with gorilla glue. There is no way to redrill them. I also need to repaint the whole thing which I will go from white to black. I have this in my basement and it is a project for the spring. For the prices with shipping you can do better in a good furniture store. I have looked around and seen many things that look just like pottery barn. Of course if you live near a pottery barn outlet it might be worth checking out what they have.
  6. I have some pottery barn pieces, which have lasted for years and still going strong.
  7. We have some Pottery Barn stuff, some of it for years. It holds up pretty well.
  8. Thanks, everyone!

    So what is your idea of a good furniture store? I need some other options. This will be for a great room: living room/dining room combination. The rooms are not very big, so I have been looking for a sofa no longer than 80 inches. I like the look of Restoration Hardware furniture, but most of it is too big for my rooms.

    I love this:

    I'm just not crazy about the price. Tax and shipping make me want to cry. :lol: Still, I love the style.:girlsigh:

    Has anyone seen a good quality, moderately sized sofa? Would you consider Bassett furniture better, worse or about the same as Pottery Barn? (I wish I could get Pottery Barn out of my head, but their catalogs have me hooked. And that episode of "Friends" about Rachel's Pottery Barn furniture didn't help, either.:lol:) Bassett is having a sofa sale right now.

    Alright...don't laugh, but for the longest time, I have been obsessed with Miranda's sofa from Sex and the City. It is perfect.

    I need to join a furniture forum. :blush:
  9. We have some Pottery Barn furniture that we got back in 2002, but it is in our basement and doesn't get used all that much...so it is still in great condition.

    Ethan Allen used to be good back in the day...maybe try Drexel Heritage or Pennsylvania House furniture...Hope this helps!
  10. They have some nice furniture, but is a bit overpriced IMO.
  11. Forgot about Ethan Allen. Thanks.
  12. i think thye overprice... worth it if get it on SALE..
  13. You should try Crate & Barrel. I used to sell their furniture back in 2001 and we had to go through this intensive 1 month training, as well as 2 weeks in Chicago touring their corporate offices, etc. and believe me, their furniture is made extremely well and lasts a long time (unless your dog pees all over your sofa forcing us to throw it away :cursing:).

    The difference between C&B and a place like Pottery Barn is, PB's furniture is made by PB, whereas the furniture sold at C&B are made from many different manufacturers (i.e Mitchell Gold, etc.)—top notch manufacturers that have been doing this forever.

    What I also learned was apparently the top furniture manufacturers reside in North Carolina, I don't remember why, just that they do. I think it may have something to do with the humidity and the wood expanding.

    We learned about how each piece was made and the longevity of each piece.

    The nice thing about C&B compared to PB is their pricing is very similar and there is no shipping with C&B, it's delivered. So providing there is a C&B relatively close to your home, there is a flat rate shipping amount (depending on the distance, not the amount of stuff you're buying—I think).

    Definitely research it. Their styles are very similar, as well. Good luck. It can be very overwhelming.
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    My daughter's bedroom furniture is from Pottery Barn. It is 6 years old and I think the quality is really good. My bedroom furniture is Ethan Allen and the quality is similar and her's was much less expensive. In my last house I had Pottery Barn kitchen chairs and bar stools and my dining room set was Ethan Allen. Again, similar quality. I actually think Ethan Allen is a bit overpriced many times.

    I can't comment on Pottery Barn's upholstered furniture but I used to have a sofa and 2 upholstered chairs from Ethan Allen and the quality was excellent and very much worth the price.