quality of patent leather

  1. okay, so i am loving these new patent ergos but i have never owned a patent leather bag. the ones ive seen have always looked cheap and plasticky, but i've never seen these coach patent bags in real life. do they look and feel more like leather or are they kind of plasticky? do they make that crunching sound when you squeeze them?
  2. Seriously, take a chance on it, the Coach Patent leather is not your Grandma's patent leather. It makes no crunchy sound, and is soft and pliable and just invites a touch! Seriously I am in love with it.
  3. I thought I'd hate it but I saw a patent tote at the outlet yesterday and did a complete 180. It's really nice and much richer looking than I thought it would be (I guess sort of a lacquered look rather than plastic-y). Patent probably wouldn't be my first choice ATM but I'm still working on a collection of basics and trying to stay away from the beautiful cool pieces.
  4. I think there are 2 types of patent leather, real leather that is patent and patent "leather" that is not leather at all. I like the coach patent leather, it is nice. I don't own any peices. There was another thread where somebody was bidding on a bag that was damaged by their student putting a sticker on their bag and took it off, it took the entire finish off the bag so I am not sure about the quality but that may be an extreme circumstance or incident that happened.
  5. where are the new patent leather ergos? i can't find any on the coach website!!!
  6. they aren't on the website yet, but they are in the new catalog. there are some posts with pictures, mostly about the patent pond ergo tote.
  7. I own the patent leather Ergo Mahogany hobo. This is real beautiful patent leather not fake patent. See picture below.
  8. I didnt think I was a fan of patent leather either, but the I saw and purchased a mahogany patent gallery tote and I am totally in love with it!! It looks gorgeous; so rich (especially in the dark color - not sure I like the lighter patent spring colors) and completely easy care - just wipe anything off w/a damp cloth. I will be definitely getting another patent bag, just have to see what more colors are offered. The leather is soft and wonderful, not at all plasticy. I dont think you will be disappointed if you try it!
  9. can anyone post some pictures or tell me where i can find some pictures of the patent leather?!?!?! i'm going to get a bag this friday and want to know what they look like!!! HELP! tia!