Quality of New Dustbags

  1. The last few items I have purchased come with some really flimsy dustbags :yucky:. They are 100% cotton and are so thin and cheap looking. All my goods came from the LV store too, so I know the dustbags are authentic. They should bring back the older, softer ones - don't you think?
  2. the stiching on my LH dust bag has come apart...I was going to contact them then figured I do not want the hassle...I do agree with you!!!love your dog...he/she is super cute!!!
  3. Thanks lvpug! Yours is a doll as well! I love the flat faced breeds!
  4. Bring back the old dust bag - and both your dogs are beauties (or handsome beasts?)
  5. love flat faces..yours is a french bull dog???

    Thank you rental lady!!!!!!
  6. I think you got the last dust bags....kind of thin, more of a canvas feel?

    They have already changed them to a softer more chamios type...not as soft as the ones 2 years ago...but much better than the in between ones.
  7. I have the older felt dustbag and the overlocking is becoming unstitched...but the new cotton drill dustbag is getting really dirty rolling in my bag and protecting my groomie...I'm undecided
  8. Yeah, I like the newer ones. They used those stiffer cotton ones for awhile but the new ones are a bit softer, like twinkle.tink said :yes:
    Of course, my favorites were definitely the older ones..those were the best.
  9. I looove the drawstring ones.
  10. Yea, I don't like the stiff cotton dustbags. Haven't seen the latest one, though. If you ask me, I prefer Gucci's dustbags, the one with GG print. :P I think it's nicer and classier than LV's.
  11. I like the new ones!
  12. Yes! I loved that one so much too! :yes:

    I think LV was just cutting corners to make a bit more $ when they changed over to the new styles.

    If enough people complain, they might just bring back the old style - who knows ? ;)
  13. I love the drawsting one too! Not very soft but I can store both my 35 and 40 unfolded in them. :yes:

  14. although the previous ones are scratchy and cheap-looking, i think they weren't merely cutting corners. i heard the old flannel dustbags had some issue with Vernis leather and water retention/colour migration or something like that. that's why they shifted to the linen-y bags for a bit. then customers probably complained about the yellow ones too :yes:

    the new thicker cotton ones with the better drawstrings are perfect!
  15. I like the drawstring bags too :yes: Maybe it's because some of my favorite pieces came with one- the Le Fab or MC Keepall:heart: