Quality of new Chanel Caviar flaps


Dec 12, 2009
Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I recently bought the ML flap in caviar. She was from a new batch of stock that came in that day. On first glance she was perfect. With only half hour to spare before the store closed I didn't have as much time to inspect the bag as much as I would normally! I brought her home that evening. But upon close inspection I noticed that there were white bits stuck on the threading, fine elastic threads sprouting out around the bag. There is also a loose thread around one hole.

I couldn't believe I'd paid £3380 for a bag which such awful quality. How did it even pass chanels quality control? I may just be completely fussy but the overall finish pales in comparison to my maxi bag from 2013. Has anyone else bought a classic flap recently and had issues with it like myself?





Jun 24, 2010
Actually i did noticed on my Jumbo caviar with SHW from this year had small white lint along with the stitching! I was able to rub them off but def notice right away!
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Feb 7, 2016
bay area
My husband purchased a M/L caviar flap just a week ago. I'm in contact with the store about the quality of the bag. I'm noticing that the quilts on the top flap are flatter than the rest of the bag in particular the right side.


Jun 5, 2015
I purchased my first Chanel a few months back. It's a black lambskin square mini with shw. You can see glue residue under the cc turnlock and a thread has come undone on the back pocket. The thread came loose after me carrying it around 5 times. I am super careful with my bags. I also purchased a WOC a couple of weeks ago. It's pink lambskin with shw. It slightly dips in on the middle of the top of the bag. Almost as if it was dented somehow. I'm keeping it because I hate the hassle of returning and the possibility of getting something worse. I can't look at the bags in person as we don't live anywhere near a Chanel. They really need to do something about their quality control. I still admire the brand and love the look of their designs. But I'm nervous to buy another brand new piece without seeing in person first.


Mar 20, 2015
Actually i did noticed on my Jumbo caviar with SHW from this year had small white lint along with the stitching! I was able to rub them off but def notice right away!

Saw them on the m/l caviar with GHW that I got about a month ago. I was also able to just lightly rub them off. May be OP you should give this a try.


Dec 12, 2009
Thank you for all your reply ladies. It seems this is quite a common issue =\ I've tried rubbing and picking at the White lint but it doesn't appear to come off. going to return the bag tomorrow, hopefully they will have a suitable replacement for me but if there isn't then I'm not in any hurry to spend my hard earned money on a defected bag just because it's Chanel. I think the right one will come along eventually.


Apr 17, 2015
Wow, this surprises me. Who would spend the money for an imperfect bag? I am hoping to purchase my next bag in person to avoid the problem.


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Sep 29, 2011
unfortunately this does not surprise me at all!! sorry for being so blunt, but chanel quality has been so sh**ty lately!!! my m/l beige clair CF was brand new and had to be sent into chanel for repair of my chain strap (some of the leather was peeling away!!) i bought the bag sight unseen since there is no chanel boutique where i live so i couldn't inspect the bag in person before i bought it. anyway, this is exactly why i will not be buying brand new from the boutiques anymore. the older series bags are so much better quality. i'm taking a break from Chanel for awhile bc of this!


Jun 5, 2014
Sharing this post regarding my experience w classic flap quality, though it was not caviar.

I ordered a bag sight unseen bc it was only available at a Saks across the country (that I could find). A very nice TPF member helped me locate one. Medium lamb 16c classic flap. I was advised by the SA that the blue stickers were not on, that it was not "brand new" Per se. I had no issue with that. However, when I received it - I could see that the leather strap was peeling. Upon further inspection, the lamb bag felt sort of dry like cardboard. Not luxurious and soft to the touch like my other lamb bags. Not sure if it was the dye used for the specific color or what.

The stitching was straight, but the holes on stitching were big and not always uniform, and the threads were visible at the corner seams. See pics.
I own another lamb medium classic flap purchased two years ago, and it feels of much higher quality. Even just to the touch - the lambskin is not as soft on this particular new bag.

I am not someone who believes the quality of a $5k bag would be all that much different from a $1k bag. I do believe the huge markup is due to the luxury branding, heritage, etc. However, this level of quality is rather unacceptable for a luxury item, esp at this price point. Maybe this was a fluke, but it was just a bit disappointing to experience this for the first time - from a luxury brand regarded so highly.

Pics attached.
Can see white leather part, not glued fully or carefully??

Compared it with my dark red flap.

Maybe some will say that their bags are like this, and that it looks fine. I compared it to my other classic flap, and it's not like this. That's my only basis for comparison. I'll be sending it back for return. Thanks for reading!


May 5, 2016
You're definitely not alone in this. And this quality problem doesn't just apply to classic flaps I am afraid. I have noticed problems with other things I bought from Chanel, one of my most recent purchases for example, the leather/tweed sneakers, the tweed was literally falling off the shoes and coming out of the chains all over the place. Chanel needs to focus on better quality control before they embark on another price increase, and train their SAs better.