quality of miu miu bags

  1. dear ladies, I'm not sure if anyone asked this question before but I did a search on this question and could not find any topic relating to this.

    How's the quality of miumiu bags? I have bags in my current collection which hold up very well even though I use them so very often. I have bags which I baby alot and yet they collapse after a few trips out. I take very good care of my bags.

    I love miu miu bags and want to buy one. But I would like to know your views on its quality first before taking the plunge.

    many thanks!!! :heart:
  2. I'm using one everyday right now, and not babying it at all. Mine is very durable, but it's a satchel style. The durability has also been good in the other two Miu Miu bags I've had.
  3. The quality is fantastic! I have read a couple of issues here about the bow on the bow satchels, but that's about the only issues I have read. As for my coffers, I couldn't be happier and I use my black one every single day. She just gets softer and softer with the continued use! :love:
  4. I purchased my first miu miu (a bow) last month and I ended up returning it because the leather was already ripping and the color was coming off. Originally I was going to exchange it but the other bows at Saks had the same problem. There's a thread called "Battled Bow" (or something like that) that has pics of the problem.
  5. That's too bad. Where are the bow bags made?
  6. Italy.
  7. thanks, melisande, miu2 and couture2387!
    I am looking at the new medium coffer (in dusty rose, after seeing miu2's lovely OR in nude). I also love miu2's sweet pink original size coffer:heart:

    I wanted to make a trip down to a miu miu boutique but I am stopping myself cos I am only due to make bag purchase in Apr. ARGH!
  8. i will be a new miu miu bow satchel owner soon...now im worried about the quality of the bags! can anyone else elaborate on the problems? thanks!
  9. That's interesting. I remember when some of us were making a big deal about the 'made in Italy' label -- suggesting that anything not made in Italy would be of lesser quality. It seems as though the only bags that really have had quality issues actually were made in Italy!

    In any event -- I can testify to the durability of the vitello satchels. And I've heard nothing but good things about the coffers.

    I don't have a bow myself, and am not planning on getting one... so I don't know about them.

    Incidentally, my bag was made in Italy as well.
  10. You should search this forum for relevant threads. Also, hopefully other bow owners can jump in and answer some of your concerns here.
  11. The leather on the edges (on the top) starts to tear/rip even before you use it. The bows also have a problem because the color rubs off (mine were suppossed to be gray and were turning white). The SA at Saks told me that the problem seems to be with the way MiuMiu is sealing the leather.
  12. ^so if the leather on my bow satchel changes color over time...can miu miu fix this? or...not?
  13. hi i have the miu miu nappa spring tote and i wouldn't say the quality is fantastic though..i used it for about 5 times and the stitching on my handle ripped! i believe i had a thread about that before..well i went back to miu miu and made a big fuss about it cos at first they accused me of mistreating my bags but the truth is i've had very very cheap bags before and they just don't give way after using them for 5 times?? so in the end they agreed to do an exchange for me but they didn't have the same bag anymore and i didn't want to take any other bag in the store. so i settled for a free repair. but it took almost 2 months. i hardly used the bag since i got it back..and i'm very, very careful with it and try not to put anything heavy in it now. even after all that, i still like my bag and i think i would still give miu miu a second chance next time..haha what hopeless obsession! hope i didn't put you off by sharing my story (:
  14. sillygoose: they shouldn't accuse you of mistreating your bag! if the quality of miu miu is not as good as it seems, the SAs should be well aware of that! have you considered reselling the bag and getting one that will be more functional than what you have right now? you should use the bag, and not be scared that the bag will break if u put too much!

  15. Saks told me they could send it for repairs and SEE if it could be fixed. Though I would be responsible for the cost of any repairs and it would take 3 months. Seeing how I had the bag for 2 weeks, I quickly decided it wasnt worth all the hassle. The SA's also didn't believe me when I said I hadn't abused it. I have cheaper bags that I throw around and they look like they're in perfect condition so I don't understand how a $1200 bag (made with "superior" materials) starts to fall apart before you use it. :sad: