Quality of MBMJ bags?

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  1. I am about to buy my first MBMJ bag and this seems a silly question because we are talking about very expensive luxury bags here....but I have seen threads about poor zippers on the MBMJ bags. If there is one thing I can't stand, it's a sticky zipper that leaves me struggling at the checkout.

    I am buying online so I can't test it first.

    In general, how good is the hardware of the MBMJ bags? Are those threads with bad zippers the exception to the rule?

    Also, in general are MBMJ heavy? Like the way Coach bags are? (To me they seem to weigh a ton) I am looking at this bag, and as you can see, it's quite a bit of leather to carry around.

    Thank you for your help! :biggrin:

  2. Hi betty, I own a couple of Tates and Saddlery Sophie. The only thing that weigh those suckers down is the kitchen sink I tend to put in all my bags :lol:

    With that said, the photo you posted above seems like a fake to me. Better have it authenticated.
  3. i think the quality is great! never had a problem with a zipper and i don't think they're heavy at all.

    also, i don't think it's a fake that you posted...just an older style.
  4. I've never had a problem with the zipper on my TT Natasha.
  5. I agree with CD, that bag doesn't look right. I have several MbMJ bags and have had no trouble with any of them.
  6. i have the Hillier Hobo (in wave ... SUCH a great colour!) and its prob one of my fav bags ever ... its hardy (great leather), perfectly exectuted with no quality issues whatsoever ...
  7. I have the MBMJ large Totally Turnlock Aidan and the large Bombay satchel, and I feel that both are of great quality and durability.
  8. MbMJs to me don't have sticky zippers, only some of the collection ones
  9. ^ Agreed.
  10. I have a groove satchel, a magazine clutch and a softy zip clutch(i use as a wallet) no problems w/ zippers