Quality of Marc by MJ

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask what you guys think of the quality of the marc by marc jacobs line? I really like some of the clothes, but the two coats that I got have just been shoddy. One, which I returned very quickly, lost a button the first time I wore it (it was one with really adorable fat, round buttons) and the other has also had problems with buttons falling off. There's this dress that i'm looking at that is also somewhat frilly and I'm afraid of everything falling apart.

    Hmmm...Starting this topic also raises some questions in my head about the value of the $200 top vs $50 one from Gap/H&M. I like to believe there is a big difference because I much prefer the atmosphere of a bloomingdales or Barneys, but...?
  2. I'm afraid I only own a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. I find them extremely sturdy for the price! They've been through quite a couple of accidents and have stood up very well.
  3. I have a few pieces by Marc by MJ and all are very well made. Haven't had buttons fall off yet. But I do agree that the prices for Marc by Marc Jacobs are priced too high when comparing the materials with other contemporary brands Nanette Lepore or Vince.
  4. I think I have that same coat. And one of the buttons fell off the first time I wore it too! :lol:

    Honestly though that's the first time I've ever had a problem with a M by MJ item. I just love all his stuff.
  5. He does have some nice clothing.
    However I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Ive had a few of his coats and atleast one button fell off from all of them the first week I had it.

    I think dresses are a little different though. I can't say much more about M by MJ clothing bc thats all I ever bought from what I remember. However in general, clothing from bloomies and Barneys are just made out of better material compared to H&M and Gap and all those types of stores, in my opinion. The cottons a lot softer, the details in tops/sweaters, etc.
  6. The quality is okay, but it's not bad. The details and design is really what you're paying for.
  7. I dont have that many pieces either. But I'd say the quality is okay, its not superb in any way, but it's not bad either, I'd say somewhere in between.
  8. i have a bunch of pieces, and i think the quality is actually pretty good, but it definitely varies piece by piece. all the blazers/short jackets that i've bought have held up really well and show no signs of having quality issues, nor do their skirts/pants, but a few tops i've bought haven't really been up to par considering the price point. the side seam in one of the tops basically busted while i was putting it on, and another one shrank in strange ways in the wash so i can now only wear it under other tops. but that won't stop me from buying mbmj-i love so many of the pieces, one of my favorite fun-wear designers :tup:.
  9. thanks guys for the input, I just like to hear different opinions. jc2239, i agree about the tops. I think some of the tops that are "machine washable" look a bit fragile to put in with sturdy cotton sweaters. The clothes are just too cute though. One of my coats is missing like 3 buttons (all decorative) and I still wear it occasionally.
  10. I have quite a few MbMJ things. I noticed that stitching tends to unravel easily...none of the buttons on my coats have fallen off yet, but a few are threatening to. I'm constantly snipping loose threads. Everything I've bought has been on sale, though, so I don't mind paying (only slightly) more for the fun designs.
  11. yes the newer Marc by marc stuff is HORRIBLE quality... i agree agree agree... horrible but yeah...
  12. It depends on the item. Quality is not guaranteed with M by MJ because price and trendiness are often more important. My mouse shoes and my turnlock tina are both really high quality, but I have a $5 keychain that's starting to look a little worse for the wear.
  13. I was actually going to start a thread with the same comment. The quality is horrible! I'm glad I'm not alone. I've had Gap coats last much longer- the buttons are sewn on with like 1 thread. I'm going to stop buying Marc by marc jacobs clothes.
  14. i don't have many clothing pieces since his sizing runs too big for me. it's weird. sometimes a 0 or 2 will fit and sometimes, i will be drowning in the clothes. :tdown: i really like the m by mj sunnies and shoes though!:tup:
  15. Y'all have made me paranoid. I just got done reinforcing all the of the buttons on all my jackets.