Quality of Macys bags from sale

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  1. Just wondering how things are packaged from the sale...
    I have a Black Harper coming from GA, but I don't know if it a store or warehouse :sad:
    I know NJ is warhouse..but they probably have more than one

    Just hoping it is not a bad store bag
  2. I'm waiting on a delivery myself, not sure of the answer. Good luck to us!
  3. Honestly, I think it's a toss-up. I had a bad experience with my online purchase from Macy's. It ended well, but initially I was sent a bag from a store and not a warehouse. It was an obvious return because it wasn't properly wrapped, had no dust bag, and its previous owner left a lighter in one of the pockets... I got on the phone with Macy's right away and a new bag was sent out to me immediately, from a warehouse and in the original MK packaging.
  4. Macys sent me a handbag from a store in a box that was too small for the Selma and she was bent all up. I asked them to please send me another one from a warehouse (and this was after they canceled my order 3 times).

    They still sent me one from a store in a mall in Savannah. Fortunately this bag, although not wrapped perfectly in MK wrapping, it was in good shape.
  5. My Macys Tote with the studs came all wrapped up beautifully and no marks on the bag.
    I have been very lucky with Macys and never had a problem.
  6. My Macy's Sophie came in a HUGE box, perfectly wrapped! (I have, however, had bad experiences, too.)
  7. I ordered a clutch and gloves that were both returns and poorly packaged. I ended up returning the gloves myself because I wasn't going to pay that much for a second hand item.

    I did order a Selma grommet, which have been on sale awhile so I was NERVOUS! However, it arrived perfectly packaged and wrapped nicely.

    From what I've learned here and my own experience....it's really just a toss up.
  8. Fingers crossed! My Selma large messenger in luggage from the macys VIP sale was shipped from Ohio. It should be here this week, looking forward to getting a (hopefully) well packaged bag.
  9. No stores near me carry the black harper specchio, and it doesn't appear to be a common bag at stores anywhere. So I hope this is a good bag. Sigh...while I get the sending thing from stores bit, it would be nice if they only did that if there were none of your item at the warehouse.
  10. It was a store...but the bag was not a floor one (chain still in tissue).
    And it was in a large enough box.
    So macy's shore shipping was good :biggrin:
  11. I bought my large Selma satchel in luggage online during Macy's last sale and it was packaged very nicely in the original MK tissue paper. When I bought the same bag in different colors from Bloomingdale's it was packaged without the original MK tissue paper, just standard thick brown box packing paper in an unmarked brown shipping box. Macy's does a good job shipping. Better than Bloomingdale's in my experience.
  12. Well I still don't know the quality of my macys sale bag because my large selma measenger was delivered last wednesday by ups at 5:30p and when I got home at 6:15 it was gone. Someone must have taken it off my porch. I called Macys and they have sent a replacement no additional charge. But if I see one of my neighbors rocking my bag I will be so mad!
  13. You might end up with 2..I've had that UPS delivered thing be wrong...and after a few phone calls it showed up a few days late..