quality of lv OPINIONS WANTED!!

  1. dont throw tomatoes at me but anyone else feeling that louis vuitton quality is lacking? i mean we spend hundreds to thousands on these bags and they need to constantly be babied and pampered. i've heard of the vernis bags getting discolored, multicolored bags lining turning the white canvas red, dentelle lace coming loose and canvas splitting. i can understand taking good care of your bags, but a bag is meant to be worn and every place i go i know if i want to keep up the look of the bag i have to worry about how im holding it, where i put it down etc etc etc. if these bags are so expensive, why cant they make the bag so the vachetta doesnt patina ( i know they say its a selling point, but come on i know of more people who aboslutly hate the patina than people who like it plus it looks dirty IMO), the canvas never splits and the vernis bags never discolor? in the past ive had cheap $10 leather bags and never had a problem with them and they looked the same as the day i bought it. some of you might say it is the nature of the bag, but i simply think that a $1,000 bag can be made so these "flaws" can be improved. and so i ask you, what is your take on the quality?
  2. So far knock on wood I have never had any problems with any of my LV bags.

    I do agree with you for the price we are paying there should not be "problems" with any bag.
  3. I definitely agree with what you're saying. I tend to really baby my LV MC speedy esp when the first one I bought had the key hole falling off. Thankfully, Elux replaced the bag, and I'm so in love with the MC speedy that I don't want to give up on it. I do have cheaper leather bags that never gave me any problems. I think LV is so pricey because of it's unique artwork and name (since it's been around for so long) rather than superior quality. It's not bad quality at all, but they do need to be babied (SIC) alittle bit. multicolore bags esp. are very sensitive and can't be left in high humidity environments. Nevertheless, I still love my bag!
  4. Well the quality on the Damier Azur Zippy Wallet was not done well. I had used one for 18 days and had to return it. It was separating at the curve of the wallet where the zipper is. Needless to say I was not happy at all. I returned it.
  5. quality could be better imo...I have gotten new pieces with a chemical smell and at that price point I think it is bad...my gucci bags have held up better than some of my LV and I got my gucci's on sale...sometimes it is hit or miss with LV lately and I think it is due to the mass production process..you increase production and sometimes quality goes down unfortunately...you are just giving your opinion and that is cool...
  6. I think that there really are few quality issues. Louis Vuitton can't change the nature of a certain type of material. Canvas WILL be canvas no matter if it's a part of an LV handbag or a Hermes handbag or a £10 bag. OF course, the higher end luxury retailers use higher quality leather and discards a higher per centage of material not suited for their production. This doesen't mean anything more than that the leather is less likely to tear show faults and the like and that it is evenly textured. The same thing applies to canvas.

    A rapid growth of the company and sales increases the pressure on quality control, as a larger amount of produce is being monitored by the same amount of workers. New staff require some time to aquire the experience the former one had and so the quality may seem to be declining in both quality control and craftmanship.

    In my experience the dark coated canvas lines are VERY durable and holds up very well. The tarnishing of the gold hardware is something I think could be improved as this seems to happen more often than it should compared to the rest of the bag.

    Lines like miroir aren't made to be bang around bags and won't ever be no matter if they cost £50 or 5000£.

    A good example is the monte carlo loafers with a leather sole. The shoe is made for driving and is not to be worn in rain as the leather underneath would be damaged very easily. These loafers still cost more than some LV shoes that could be worn in the rain.
  7. Sorry, many things to respond to so I will use point form

    - people baby their bags because they want to keep it in good shape. That goes for almost anything. And as well, since Vuitton uses vachetta which changes colour, and people sometimes want their vachetta as light as possible, they will baby their bags
    - canvas is canvas. Just because it's from an LV bag doesn't mean it will last *forever*. We pay tons of money for cars and the windshield cracks with use. Just because it's a ton of money doesn't mean we should get a windshield that doesn't crack :shrugs:
    - most kinds of patent leather *will* yellow over time. I've seen horrendous patent leather bags.
    - personally, I would not put down ANY purse on the floor, whether it's a $30 or $900 bag. This is a matter of personal choice. Keeping an LV in good shape does not require you to do all those things you mentioned.
    - about the vachetta, I think it's a characteristic of LV bags. Of course they do have bags that don't have vachetta; at least they have a variety. IMO if you have a problem with vachetta, buy the bag in a different line (ie Epi Lockit instead of Mono Lockit) that doesn't have vachetta.

    Personally, I think yes, we are spending a lot of money on these bags and quality is very very important, but even high designer products have flaws too. Every company does. If their products don't have problems, then what's the repair workshop/customer service for??
  8. well since we are paying most of the time 1000$+ on designer bags, we tend to pay more attention to details too. So when the bag gets a stain or some other tiny flaw for example, we're all like "OH MY GOD!!! NOOOOOO! my BABY!!!" whereas for a cheap 10$ bag we'd be like "blah, who cares!"... or at least this is what I think. We pay closer attention and thus we'd find more quality problems.
    I personally have never had any probs with my bags. I put some bags on the floor (and yes, lately the bathroom floors too...lol) and others I'm a bit more careful with but I definitely don't baby them. Most of what you pointed out isn't a big deal to me.
    I don't expect perfection and have pretty low standards, so I'm never disatisfied. I think this pretty much goes with everything in my life and it's an important moral for me, so I'm always quite happy lol. I don't think LV is meant to be 'everything-proof'.
  9. The only problem I've had is with the Corsaire and although I was disappointed I'm ok with it, it was a runway bag and used new techniques there isn't time to fully test the possible problems before releasing these bags this can also go for line's like the monogram mat, Vuitton handled it well and where quick to deal with the problem.

    I agree with Karman's & CeC.LV4eva's points
  10. I think regardless of how high the quality is, or luxurious the brand is, there will always be flaws in some bags. You can't expect them to be perfect for the rest of your life. And it makes sense that when you're paying $1000 plus for a bag, you would want to make sure it doesn't get dirty and try to limit the amount of damage that's done to it.
    I can't say from personal experience about the quality of LV since I just bought my first one yesterday (the mono speedy) but if you're not happy with the quality, LV is glad to repair or exchange the product for you. I think they do a great service to their customers by having a repair service. It's what we pay for.:smile:
  11. believe it or not that thought has came to my mind ,, I sometimes feel that some of the stones on my Pochette Rabat (Elvis-Tupelo bag) maybe falling ,, (that bag costs a fortune and if something happened to it i would get really MAD:cursing:)
    i took it to my SA and she assured me that they werent ,, hehe i guess i was obsessing ,, but no problems so far mashallah ,, THANK GOD!!
  12. I agree with karman and CeC.LV4eva's. Maybe we are expecting too much sometimes. The product itself will probably never be worth the price but the feeling it gives us does make it worth
  13. LV owners tend to obsess more about their bags, since they are pricey items rather than those who would spend less on non-designer handbags., so therefore we are more apt to be picky about differences in patterns, etc...occasionally flaws occur, and usually LV can offer suggestions or even in rare cases, replace the item. How many other designer bags come with little care booklets? Not many! I would rather have my "flawed" LV bag replaced or repaired by LV, than to find several dozens of these in an LV outlet store (of course, we all know that is a hypothetical scenario !!) ...
  15. I definetly agree with the idea that because it's expensive we will notice more problems. There's no way of avoiding it.

    Plus LV is supposed to be high in craftsmanship and with that.. comes fault occasionally. We're only humans so it's expected in my opinion. It's not like LV is known for rubbish quality, there will always be the odd defect but that just shows the human side to LV.