Quality of LePliage handles getting worse


Sep 16, 2008
my house
My first purchase was the Eiffel Tower in red garance. I carry this one the most and the handles are in pristine condition. I use it as a weekend bag 3 weekends per month. The bag looks like when I first purchased it.

My second was the Statue of Liberty in navy. I have carried this less than ten times. The handles were good when it arrived, but I just noticed that the sealant (or whatever you call it) is coming off the chaps attached directly to the bag and the handles towards the top. I only inspected it today trying to compare quality of my Made in France bags to my recently purchased Made in China bags. However, this particular MIF bag would not make it a valid argument.

I received a blue (can't recall the exact shade name, but it just recently clearanced out) small tote about a month ago. It arrived showing one or two of the four chaps looking like it had wear (the underside, raw part of the leather). I kept the bag as there were no others to replace it with and I wanted the color (plus I got it at a great price).

I received pinky from the newest seasonal colors in the small tote today. Two of its chaps also look rubbed raw in comparison to the others. Maybe I am just spoiled by the pristine chaps of the Eiffel Tower tote? What do you think?

I am going to research trying to fix the SOL tote as that one is most upsetting with the sealant coming off.