Quality of Kate Spade Shoes..and What do you think of these?

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  1. Hello all! Wondering if any one can share their opinion on the quality of Kate Sapde shoes. I'm considering adding these basics to my non-existent heel collection. 2 basics and a fun evening wear pair.... What do you think of these? Good or bad choices? Are the charm (glitter) to childish?

    1. black patent karolina
    2. nude patent kaolina
    3. charm heel

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  2. I think they are all super cute. For the glitter ones, maybe in black? Or if you're in your 20s I think they'd be cute. I personally feel like I couldn't pull them off anymore now that I'm in my 30s. Although I could see some ladies on here who are older totally getting away with it.
  3. Forgot to add there is a kate spade coupon floating around for this weekend.
  4. make sure you check Amazon.com right now! they're having some amazing deals in kate spade :biggrin:
  5. I have the first two and they are great!! Had them for years now! The sole is leather so just make sure you put non slip on the bottom.
  6. I bought my mom a pair of Kate Spade heels and she absolutely LOVES them! She said she wore them to a party last weekend and she said her feet were not sore at all, no break in required.
  7. Oh wow I must be the odd one out because I personally wasn't very happy with my pair of Kate Spade black patent heels. The patent got scuffed up REALLY quickly - much quicker then on my other patent shoes and the base layer leather started showing through. And no matter how many times I wore them, they still caused some blisters (albeit minor ones). I mean they are definitely very attractive shoes but I don't think they were worth the money I paid (around $200). For shoes in that price range I will be sticking to Tory Burch and Pour La Victoire, which I found to be much, much more comfy.
  8. Well I have a wide foot with a narrow heel, also I have flat feet.*The list never ends!!* It seems that for me the heel fits perfect and I have enough room. It maybe your foot shape.:flowers:Tory Burch shoes don't fit me very well.:shrugs:
  9. I love the sparkly ones! I have 2 pairs of velvet flats that I bought 5 years ago that are still in great shape today.
  10. 25% off on Kate Spade.com today!
  11. Probably! I have a very long, narrow foot. I also have long toes. I'm so self conscious about them! This is one of the reasons why I never post modeling pics! :shame:
  12. JCinwrppingppr You should never be self conscious about your feet!! I have broken both of my feet and all of my toes. If that can give you an idea about what my feet look like!:Push:Honestly if I had long, narrow feet I would be modeling shoes all the time!! You must fit into so many styles, that I could never squeeze into!:flowers:Ok long yap over with. Sorry:shame:
  13. I have a pair of black patent Kate spade shoes different to the ones posted by op but just want to say they are comfy and I love them hth
  14. Oh wow. My feet are also wide, and I heard kate spade shoes will fit me better than tory burch. Thanks a lot to confirm it, Julide.
  15. what i love about kate spade is that they make super cute shoes in heel heights 3.5 in and below. That's hard to find nowadays. You can find lower heels, but they look like they are more matronly. Kate Spade actually has cute styes in a 3in heel. :rockettes: