quality of gucci shoes? :) worth it or not?

  1. a personal shopper before once told me that gucci shoes are fewer in number than the bags. Like a certain type of shoe is only made in number of pieces.... so if you see your size go grab them! is this true?:rolleyes:

    also, how are gucci shoes in terms of quality and comfort? are they worth it to have that nice matching pair to your bag? does gucci offer repair after awhile of any sort?

    also last question: about the cruise collection, i have read that this collection is frida's baby and are always limited edition.. is this true? when was the first collection launched? was it just the recent 2006 cruise collection?

    TIA gals!!!!!!!:yes: :P :wlae: :flowers:
  2. I have quite a few of Gucci shoes and I've had them for years. The quality is excellent. You are so right about sizes each store only get a certain number of shoes sizes especially my ladies with the larger sizes they may have about 2-sizes of the 11's in the store. The only thing about the shoes if they don't have your sizes and you order them you pay for them as well then you get stuck with a shoe too small or too big. So I recommend get them when you see them or or have the SA check their inventory on it.

    I've never had Gucci shoes repaired b/c they last.:yes:
  3. I agree that they seem to have a more limited supply of shoes...so get them when you see them. I have learned not to make the mistake of waiting on a sale. Some popular styles for this past season were sold out in size 11 within 1 month of them being introduced! I have about 10 pairs and wear some of them weekly and havent had any quality issues. I generally have had to order shoes once I see them because they are rarely in the store but if unworn have had no problem returning them to the store if I didn't like them.
  4. i have gucci wedges and wear them every day now in the summer. they are super comfy, would absolutely reccomend them! :yes:

    but my mum has some shoes with heels and the heels (at the bottom) get broken very fast!
  5. I have a pair of Gucci Dorsay pumps and they are HOT! I get a ton of compliments on them.. They did come with an extra pair of replacement rubber heel things. The only thing I would suggest is to have some non skid pads on the bottom to help lengthen the life of the sole.
  6. hmm, im thinking of getting ballet flats in guccissima leather with a horsebit design, do i put non skid pads under too? :smile: where can i get them? :smile:
  7. The gucci shoes & boots that I have are great!! ;)
  8. Hi Pixie! I just buy shoe pads at CVS or whatever shoe place and get adhesive non skid pads for the bottoms of your shoes.. Or you can check out www.footpetals.com.

    I think you can also go to a really good shoe cobbler and they can put something else on the bottom as well, cut to the shape of the sole.
  9. I have 2 pairs and mine is great too
  10. i have 2 pairs.. trainers and high heels and i love them. the quality is really good and they seem to last a long time
  11. I love my Gucci flats which I wear alot. I also have two pairs of pumps from 1998 or so, but they have chunky heels so I don't wear them anymore. They are in such good condition, however, that I'm keeping them for when they come back in style. The quality is really amazing. These are the only chunky heeled shoes I've kept; the rest I donated to the Salvation Army.

    I also agree that a cobbler is a great idea. A little bit of proactive maintenance on the soles allow my best shoes to last forever. I found this amazing cobbler who has added years to the lives of my favorite shoes. After all, men can have their dress shoes constantly rebuilt, so why can't we? And no, this doe snot mean we can't still go out and buy new ones also!
  12. I have gucci loafers and they are very comfortable. Unless they are suede, they will last a long time.
  13. my DH and i wear GUCCI shoes and we love them.
  14. gucci shoes are amazing. they're so comfortable and mine have taken quite a beating. my boutique also polishes and fixes my beat-up ones from time to time at no charge
  15. ^^you mean the gucci boutique near you? wow!