Quality of Fendi Peekaboo

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  1. I have been looking at Fendi Peekaboo for years now.
    And after being to Rome in May, where i got to try it out and get a look at some different beautiful colors.
    Now I want one more than ever.

    What is your experience with the quality of the Peekaboo?
    What should i think about when buying a Peekaboo?

    I am thinking about getting a Regular or Large size since i have enough of smaller bags.
  2. The quality of the Peekaboo is superb in my experience. I would go for the regular size, unless it doesn't fit everything you need to carry with you.
  3. So far no issues with my 2 minis and 1 regular. They hold up pretty well
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  4. Same. The Peekaboo is a great bag!
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  5. Thank you for your answers! Its a big price tag on the Peekaboo so i just want to be sure that i also buy quality and not something that will make me sad and disappointed for lack of quality.
    I asked since i saw a thread on tPF somewhere where some peekaboo owner had issue with some scratch in the leather from the handle hardware and had problems with getting Fendi to fix it, so i had to ask.

    Im looking at these ones...
  6. My favourite are the last two.

    The member who had a problem with her Peekaboo bag was offered a fix initially but didn't send her bag back during that time. I don't think you need to worry about that as it seems like a rare occurrence (there was somehow an abrasive part on the hardware).
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    I like them all! I have Peekaboos and the quality is absolutely beautiful. If you get one with any little flaw like the lady mentioned before did, just get them to swap it.

    The calf may be very slightly prone to showing scratches as it’s so smooth, but I haven’t had any problems with mine and I’m sure minor scratches could be treated if they occurred and bothered you. I want to really get use out of my bags, I’m not going to baby them too much and they’re holding up well. The recent Peekaboos are very supple but still structured and hold their shape well; they might need a lot of encouragement to do that collapsed side that people like (the old ones were much floppier). I’ve protected the leather of my black bags (and also a lighter coloured Fendi) with Collonil products which have not changed the look or feel of the leather at all.

    The Selleria is tougher, or maybe scratches might just not show so obviously on the textured leather, but it looks less sleek.

    Mine are all black of various types. Some people find the gold hardware too yellow but I like it because it’s still very minimal and clean-lined. though I have one with palladium hardware too so I swap them around.

    The medium (regular) really is big enough for every day and I can get my iPad and plenty of other things in it besides. It’s quite generous but just small enough to wear crossbody if you’re not too petite.

    I have a large Selleria and it really is BIG and can get quite heavy. It’s not an everyday size unless you want to carry a lot with you — I use it when I’m travelling.

    I really love the Peekaboos, they’re so classic but so modern, and they’re quite discreet looking.
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  8. @Annie J Thanks for your very informative reply! Im really eager to get my hands on a Peekaboo soooon.

    Been looking at Vestiarie Collective for a pre-owned Peekaboo. But its hard to find anything Í like. I really like what i guess are the new construction of the Peekaboo that is sold right now (as the links i posted above). But on VC there are a lot of older Peekaboos that seems more slouchy and not as structured as the new.

    When did Fendi change the structure of the peekaboo and any tips on what to think about if getting pre-loved?
  9. You’re welcome; I hope it’s helpful! I find it so useful when I can look at other people’s experiences here, so I reply when I can in case it helps.

    I’m afraid I don’t know how long ago they changed (I’m sure somebody else here will know?). Personally I’m less keen on the old type because they look too floppy to me and I can’t imagine how well they will last — there has to be a reason why Fendi changed them — but of course it’s a matter of taste! I think if you can anyway, and if this is a handbag you plan to keep forever as I will mine, because I can’t imagine a time either in decades past or in future that this clean-lined design wouldn’t look current, buy new straight from Fendi if possible, even if it means waiting a bit longer to save up the money. That smooth leather is so beautiful new and you can protect it yourself and make it really last. (But look out, they do sometimes hike prices with no warning — I was really lucky to get my large Selleria Peekaboo just before the prices suddenly went up around the end of last year!)

    You do have to be so careful buying pre-owned, assuming you can find one you like. Have you bought from VC before? I have bought several things there including expensive bags, and have sold 100+ items from my wardrobe on Vestiaire Collective and have been very happy with it on balance, and I believe the company is honest but there are some less than scrupulous sellers. I am no expert (and far from being anything like an authenticator!) but I felt that there was a bit of an absence of balanced views about VC in some places, because of course people tend to post their negative experiences more than their positive ones, so I’ve posted a great deal about my experiences on VC in this thread:

    VC of course do their quality control which should root out fakes and items which do not match the seller’s description in terms of quality and condition. Some people have been less than happy; more than often it’s mainly about how long it can take for the goods to arrive (up to 30 days from seller to VC before you automatically get your refund; some people have got refunds sooner by going through PayPal which seems like a good way to pay). I bought one hard-to-find Fendi on VC and it took the full 30 days before the seller shipped: I was bracing myself for it not to arrive and my refund to appear, but it suddenly did, and it was in perfect condition and exactly as described. I never buy without first messaging the buyer to get a sense of how responsive they might be, and looking at their profile on the VC website (as opposed to the app which no longer shows the sold items on a seller’s page) to look at their previously sold items and chat to get a feel for how trustworthy they seem. With regard to quality and authenticity, VC quality control is a further line of defence. Some people have queried it but I haven’t had problems. And PayPal would give you a further layer of protection if somehow VC’s quality control failed.

    If you haven’t purchased from VC before do have a look at all the posts I’ve put there (quite a few in September and some yesterday — you could reach them by looking at the posts via my profile page), and read other people’s posts there to get a sense of what sort of things some people have had trouble with. I’d only buy such an expensive item via VC from a professional seller (2 weeks automatic right of return if for any reason you don’t want the bag) OR a private seller who has the VC recommended seller status and who has a very high percentage of quality-control compliance over a fair number of sales, all of which you can see. VC’s quality control/authentication has been very good in my own experience as both buyer and seller, but should it fail, you have greater protection against any dispute if you buy via PayPal who appear to have helped people very rapidly (I’ve never had to do this).

    Hope you find your bag! My favourite is my black monster with yellow eyes!
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  10. By the way, I haven’t had cause to approach Fendi with any flaws etc as my bags are all perfect, so I don’t know what they offer in terms of bag maintenance at all. (I did order two of the Selleria Peekaboos because I was being VERY picky and there was the tiniest micro-scratch on one piece of hardware - Fendi refunded swiftly without query). Again other people might be able to step in and answer that. But I was just thinking also that if they do offer services for bag maintenance, I wouldn’t know what their policy might be on bags bought pre-owned, so that might be something you’d want to find out about, just in case you ever needed it. I can’t say I’m expecting to need to get maintenance done on my Peekaboos though as the quality and longevity looks good to me.
  11. @Annie J
    Thanks again for your input and the very long post! Yes, it is really tempting to buy pre-owned from VC, since the price can be a bit lower than buying new from Fendi. Although i must say, it seems to be only "the old" model that have good prices, the new ones are a bit to close to the price in store (in my opinion). There are some things at VC that the seller actually set the price as the same in store, for example Gucci marmont loafers... I guess they want to get the price of VC services back...

    It would be lovely to buy the bag brand new! And then to be super sure its authentic! And have a sound mind. (Just been reading a thread in Hermes section, where a girl bought a Kelly 25 mou from a trusted seller, had it authenticated by top Hermes expert (pictures only though), sent it to spa att Hermes and they claim its fake - waiting to hear more about this story, thread is closed for now).
    One thought was to buy a pre-owned to feel the model, if I like the size, look etc and that i feel that i have use for it. With out spending about 3100 euros or more and then feel its not for me. But i really loved the bags when i tried them on in store.

    Oh yes, the black one with the bug eyes is really nice! But im usually not that into GHW... but i love the eyes and the look of the bag. And black is always useful. Tried a blue grey one in Rome, and then the navy with turqoise interior in NYC. Almost black, but softer.
    Hard choice! Wonder how long the bag stays in stock... Which are seasonal for example... Like for Céline they have some colors season after season, but some nice seasonal colors disappears to quickly.
  12. The Peekaboo is (slightly to my shame ...!) close to my heart so I’m always interested about what other people are thinking of buying!

    Blue is always nice and very versatile. I rather like the greys and neutrals too.

    Hmm, I don’t know about the turnover of seasonal colours. I expect they will always come up with something similar if not exactly the same, if they refresh them, and no doubt there are people on TPF who know more about this. I seem to notice that the interiors and trimmings get changed and often the main colours stay the same. The more elaborately decorated ones definitely disappear after a season or two, but that’s not really what you’re looking for, I think? But if there’s something you really know is exactly the right combination for you now, I wouldn’t delay unless you’re happy enough to let it pass and see what else comes up. Conversely, if none of those available at the moment is quite spot on for you, something you like better might come up over the next year or so?

    My monster eyes one actually has palladium hardware:
    View attachment 4228710
    I don’t know if that is going to post; I’ve had trouble posting pictures this week. Here’s the link in case:
    It is absolutely my favourite of my Peekaboos, though I am conscious that there is a possibility that the python interior of the middle of one side of the bag, as any python from any designer, may get lifted scales over the years with wear, however perfect the quality. I’ve protected it with a Collonil product for exotic leathers and hope that will keep it good longer, and will not mind too much if it starts to show its age a little one day!

    I was just having a look at the Peekaboos on VC. I agree about the prices. The newer ones are so close to retail that it doesn’t seem worth it when for a little more you can buy new with all the reassurance. It’s true that sellers want to recoup as much as possible — VC takes massive commission! If you’ve tried them in store I think you probably already know it would suit you really? The only thing I have very occasionally thought is that the trapeze shape occasionally makes access from the top slightly less convenient, but actually I only noticed that at the very beginning and soon got used to it and forgot all about it, and the side tabs are easy enough to undo for wider access if you find it an issue. It’s better than a bag with a flap or a buckle or a belt for access, anyway. I haven’t exposed them to heavy rain, so I don’t know how they’d respond, but have used conditioner and protector and also have used the raincoat which slips over easily enough. They’ve been ok with the odd raindrop in a light shower. Those are maybe the only practical issues I can think of which might be of interest depending on your lifestyle.

    I saw one of these monster eyes ones like mine on VC for a few hundred less than retail (not enough price difference to make me think I’d go for it if I were currently buying). Also, looking at the main picture, I think they’ve used a screenshot from the Fendi website and it’s not the actual bag. Absolutely every fold and bit of shadow is identical. I don’t know how they’ve got away with doing that — the only time I submitted a picture that wasn’t my own as the main picture was for a sweater that was completely indistinguishable from the brand new one I was selling, but it was a difficult thing for me to photograph the shape of, and the professional picture made what my actual one really looked like clearer. But VC rejected the picture because it was a screenshot. The other pictures for this Peekaboo look like they are the actual bag, and the bag maybe looks ok, but that main picture should not be there without an indication it’s not the real bag.

    There seem to be a few nice looking ones on VC but once you whittle it down by ruling out sellers without recommended status and sellers who don’t seem to give satisfactory replies to questions they’ve been asked, there might not be much left!

    I shouldn’t be discouraging anyone from buying on VC — I want people to buy my things there! But I do think you have to be so careful.

    I’ve been watching that thread about the Kelly Mou too; it’s been interesting. Feelings are running very high, aren’t they?! I think what it says to me most of all is that if I’m buying pre-owned I need to take all precautions and decide whether I’m willing to risk my money. I’ve bought three or four perfect authentic high-end bags from VC, but only where they were no longer available new, and I was reasonably confident they were the real thing in very good condition. I don’t think I would ever consider buying an Hermès pre-owned (not that I’m in the market for one anyway). It’s clearly a minefield. I rather feel that if it matters to me enough to have one, I’d better wait till I can afford one new and/or Hermès find one to offer me. After all, I’ve lived this long without an Hermès bag ... I don’t think I’m going to suffer too desperately if I don’t get one! (I love my Peekaboos but am under no illusion that life would not go on without one! [emoji6]). That whole Hermès thing where people seem to wait months and years to be offered one seems mad to me and surely must be solely that Hermès is deliberately limiting supply (or cultivating the appearance of limiting supply) to maintain perceived rarity value?

  13. To me darker blues are kind of neutrals, since i kind of mostly are wearing black/blue/grey/white. Otherwise i like greys and black bags. Maybe some kind of darker green (both Fendi Peekaboo is available in a nice green as is some Celine bags for this season (amazon)). Im not into bright colors. But im afraid of ligher colors due to color transfer that have "destroyed" a Mulberry bag for me... Its only on the back but looks so boring.. for now I dont have enough bags to go for a lighter color and think about when to use it, I really want to use my bags and dont baby them. But being caring though. Always. The Celine store in Stockholm was very surprised when i presented my Trio for them, they didnt believe it was as old as 5 years.

    I really loved a grey Peekaboo i tried in Rome... and a greyblue... oh, so many nice ones! And the ones i have listed above.. hard choice! No, im not into the ones with a lot of bling etc, im more into the basics. But monster eyes would be fun. I think there is a lot of nice Peekaboos in stock right now, just hard to choose one! But i will see when i feel i have the money to spend what they have then. I saw your link! Nice with PHW! I also seen the one with golden eyes. Also nice!

    Yeay, i really like the Peekaboo when tried in store. Stunning bag! So yes, i really want the "new" design. The more structured one. And as you said, prices are so high on VC i think i will focus on getting a new. Maybe during this time some Peekaboo might show up on VC (or not) but should be as picky as you when I choose whom to buy from.
    Is there any possibility to filter on trusted sellers? OR do you have to go into every "add" to see who is selling?

    Oh yes! The feelings are running high and today it started again. Im really looking forward to get the information on how it ends. I hope OP will either get her bag or money or something. And finally get an answer on where it went wrong.
    Omg! LOL about your comment on "After all, I’ve lived this long without an Hermès bag ... I don’t think I’m going to suffer too desperately if I don’t get one! (I love my Peekaboos but am under no illusion that life would not go on without one! [​IMG])."
    Its not a great feeling to loose money, but loose opportunity to not buy a bag, yes, life will go on and other bags will come your way. Im hunting down a Celine Cabas Phantom right now in a great color.. with Hedi Slimane as a new designer there is a frenzy about Celine "classics"...
    I really like the idea of buying pre-owned but how can i be 100% sure its real. Actually bought a Mulberry from an Swedish auction house a few years back. It looked wrong, i went back and complained and they were almost rude about me complaing saying its fake. I showed them my friends Bayswater but they didnt believe me. I checked with a other reseller of designer bags (sells lots of Hermes for example) and she was sure it was real. I sold it since i didnt feel good about it. Then later on i tried a paid autentication service. That woman said it was fake from my pictures. Then later on a similar bag with the exact same serial number showed up at that auction house, i dont believe the girl i sold it to would sell it on auction... so it must be another bag, i emailed them with picutre of the 2 listings, but didnt hear anything. SO i barely trust the trusted auction houses...
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  14. I don’t think I will ever buy pre-owned without acknowledging it’s a gamble, wherever it comes from and however much authentication is offered. You hear such stories. Difficult position to take, given that I hope people will buy my own bags if I decide to sell! I’ve only sold two or three bags, because mostly I buy what I know I’ll keep. I sell lots of other things on VC and I know I can be trusted ... but how can anybody else know they can trust me? What possible guarantee can anyone have? When you look at the art world and how difficult authentication is, how much easier must it be to make mistakes with a bag or a pair of shoes? My own feeling about VC is they do add a layer of protection and should recompense if it fails (I think they generally will) but it’s never going to be perfect.

    Yes I’d noticed things were happening with the Célines. Good luck finding the one you want! Are they definitely going to be stopping production of some styles or is that just conjecture?

    Your 5 year old Trio in great shape made me laugh because I was trying to work out where I’d heard something similar recently, and realised it was from when I went to the dental hygienist, having forgotten to go for 3 years [emoji15]but the hygienist didn’t believe me because I had looked after my teeth “so beautifully”! . Should I admit to that?? Is this story good or bad?? [emoji848]. I take the same approach to my handbags and my teeth. I will take care of them but I will also use them ...

    I think you’ll be happy if you wait and buy your Peekaboo new. They’re so lovely fresh from the yellow box from Fendi! I can’t believe they’ll ever look out of style, so I feel it’s a purchase with longevity. All those colours you mention are gorgeous. I’m awfully tempted to get the neutral Peekaboo with monster eyes, maybe a mini, but I think I shouldn’t. I also have a monster eyes petite 2jours in pink and python, a Matches Fashion exclusive, and this really ought to be enough for me on top of my four variations on the black Peekaboo! And the sort of thing you experienced with your light Mulberry worries me. And I have a lovely white Tom Ford tote (half price on a MyTheresa 24 hour flash sale on Tom Ford ... couldn’t resist) that I should get more use out of first, amongst other things ...

    No, annoyingly you can’t filter for recommended sellers on VC. You can only filter for model and condition and the usual things like colour and size. So you have to look through them all. Sorting by price might help a bit but there’s not much you can do but wade through them.
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  15. Hi! Im new to the peekaboo mini and was wondering if the sellaria (pebbled calfskin) is heavier than the lamb/calf (smooth skin) ones? If so, how much heavier? And if the strap is thicker as well? Which do you prefer and why? Thanks in advance! :smile: