Quality of designer shoes? Rant

  1. Okay, so I bought a pair of the "Beach" JC boots in September. I haven't really had much of a chance to wear them until this month because of the weather (either too warm or too wet.) Anyway, I wore them for the second or third time on Tuesday. I was walking to the ferry in after work in my fabulous boots when suddenly I realized that I was without a heel on my left boot!!! :cursing: I had to limp home like Rose in "In Her Shoes" at the wedding. Unfortunately I didn't have any gum on me ;) This is the first time I've ever lost a heel on any shoe I've owned! I've only worn them 3 times! When I looked at the heel it seemed like it was attached with small almost staple like nails and glue. Is it too much to expect that boots I pay over 1k for not lose the heel after wearing them 3 times. It's not like I stomp around in my boots...geez. Anyway, Saks said they'll replace them. But still, it really seems like the quality of designer stuff in general is headed down the toilet.
  2. I had a pair of Isabella Fiore strappy sandals where the heel snapped the first time I wore them and was still in the house. I hadn't even made it out of the house yet! The cobbler looked at it and noticed that the inside was stuffed with a bunch of paper and there was nothing that he could attach the heel back to that was sturdy. He even said that he may break the heel trying to fix it. grr.
  3. By JC do you mean Juicy Couture?

    I don't really consider Juicy to be designer.

    But quality varies by brand. Juicy has never had that great of quality shoes.

  4. Sorry. By JC I meant Jimmy Choo
  5. ^^ Yeah I have no idea about Choo because I don't own any!

    I typically find that designer shoes need a little extra lovin. I bring mine to my cobbler to have the bottoms fixed before I wear them outside. I baby them by not wearing them in the rain. I polish and buff them regularly. But it depends on the shoe and the designer. I have one pair of patent Dior ballet flats that I wear shamelessly. They should have died ages ago the way I treat them.
  6. Sorry to hear about your JC, but that's great that Saks is replacing them

    I had a pair of Christian Louboutin Miss Marples and I wore them no more than 7-8 times. I noticed a few weeks ago that the platform surface was starting to bubble. It looked like it was stacked layers of wood, but it was really just a facade and it bubbled. I was so upset. Saks took it back and said it was definitely a defect. That's really sad for $710 shoes.
  7. I had a problem with a pair of MB strappy metallic sandals. The strap snapped the second time I wore it. Also, I'm afraid to buy more slingbacks because the straps on my 2 pair of Jimmy Choos lost their elasticity after only 4 or 5 wears. I brought them to a cobbler and he said that the elastic materials they used were low-quality. Ever since the cobbler replaced the elastics, it has not stretched out. It makes me wonder if some designers scrimp on certain materials. BTW, I've never had a problem with CL.
  8. Green - it is so funny that you say this because a few years ago, I had a pair of JC boots, and the same exact thing happened after the second wearing. Luckily Saks was able to replace them for me but I thought that it was strange for this to happen, and since then I haven't really bought any JC shoes or boots.

    I've also had occassional problems with CL shoes but that won't stop me from buying them.
  9. I have a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air flats that I got at Saks Off 5th. I paid $35 for them. If I had bought them for full retail price of $150+ I would have been so peeved and sent them back. The leather is soooooo uncomfortable. I've bought more comfortable shoes at Payless.
  10. Does anyone really find that designer shoes are better quality than decent shop brands any way?

    I own JCs, MBs, MJs, CLs, Dior, Fendi, Prada, Gina etc. (OK I have a problem). Friends are always asking me if they are worth the money in terms of the way they are made, materials used, comfort etc.

    I really don't think they are worth the extra money if I'm honest. But I love them and love buying, wearing and collecting them anyway :nogood:
  11. Hmm... I think you can determine quality in two ways: expense of material and longevity. Because designer shoes so often use delicate and expensive materials, they don't last half as long as cowhide Nine West pumps... I do think they are more comfortable, but I hate that they can wear out so quickly. As for comfort, I do think designer shoes are more comfortable, although some of them run terribly narrow and I have very average feet!!
  12. In ways I do think they are better quality & in ways I dont.
    I have not had any problems with my CL's, Choos, or Gucci, but I did have a little problem with my Manolo sequin pumps....the sequins on the tip fall off...but I think that would happen with any sequin pump.
    Now...Cole Haan...I bought those Air flats & they are not as comfy as they are supposed to be. I probably could have bought a more comfy cheaper pair somewhere else.
  13. The most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own are CL Decoltissimo. They are so low at the front that they do not hold my foot properly. I've worn them out once and I just can't walk properly in them!

    As a brand, I think Fendi are the most comfortable on me followed closely by Manolo.

    In terms of how well made the shoes are, I think its hard to beat Choos.

    Like IntlSet, I find it frustrating that designer shoes don't have the longevity of the average Nine West or Steve Madden.
  14. I'm sure designer shoes aren't more well-made because designers realize they've hit upon a goldmine: people are by and large buying their shoes for the name rather than the workmanship.
  15. I have a pair of Jimmy Choo flats that are suede and the material holds up great and I even wear them in the rain. However the stitching on the back the the heels is coming loose, which shouldn't be happening at all. Its almost like the shoemakers either don't put forth alot of effort or they are not that skilled.

    My Louboutins however are terribly unconfortable, but I have never had a problem with the worksmenship or quality.