Quality of Delia's coats?

  1. I've never shopped from Delia's before but found a wool coat that I like for only $69+ (it's on sale). Before I take the plunge, I'd like to get some feedbacks first from those who have shopped from this store before. How is the quality of their apparels, especially coats? Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!
  2. While I've bought lots of things from Delia's over the years, I've never gotten a coat from them, although they have some cute ones!

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I posted another thread as i found another coat from Talbots and now I'm debating between the two choices. If it weren't the holiday season, I'd buy both right away but have to budget as I've lots of people in my Christmas list!
  4. I would decide against Delia's coats, I think it's similar to buying a coat at Forever21
  5. Thanks! I was having second thoughts as I always thought you get what you pay for.
  6. With Delia's, their stuff is either hit or miss and you never know what to expect until you get it. I've had tops start to look old after a few wears but I also have a jacket from Delia's that has been worn a lot and it still looks fine.
  7. I've bought a spring jackets from them and it has held up pretty good. I mean for $69 it's not bad for the price. I think their coats are better than their tees and stuff.
  8. i have never bought a coat from delia's, but all the tops i have purchased from them were pretty poor quality, i would say worse than F21.
  9. I wouldn't buy a coat from there. They always feel scratchy to me.
  10. I have never heard of Delias, is it like F21??
  11. I woulden't say that delia's is like f21, because they actually carry brands that are somewhat known. My sis purchased some clothing their and it held up pretty well. As far as jackets go, you probably want something that looks well made, so I'd go with the talbots jacket.
  12. i've bought a classic black wool peacoat from delia's 6 years ago ... and it's held up really well!! i still get lots of complements on it!!