Quality of BE bags

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  1. Hey gals - im in the midst of putting down a deposit for a purple crash hug me ... but i just read a post from someone saying that they didnt think the quality of their BE bag was very good!

    Now, im expecting a great bag - Balenciaga quality - if this isnt the case id rather not get it.

    Can i please get some thoughts on your BE bag and what you love and what you dont love? Please be honest ... :heart::yes:
  2. I've never had a B-bag although one day I'd like one, so I don't know how to compare it. Then again, you can say the same about how the newer B leathers are nothing compared to the older leather. BE bags are cheaper by a couple hundred for even the cheapest B bag so I don't see how they'd compare.

    I like BE because no one recognizes them and I get a lot of compliments on them. They are unique. They aren't churned out like b-bags are. I ordered one and love it and I have 2 more bespokes on their way. I have heard people compare the fuschia and I believe purple to b-bag leather however. The first BE I have I've been using on an almost daily basis. The leather can take a real beating and still look great.

    There is nothing I don't love about BE that I found so far. I believe their bags to be superior quality for the price and believe it's well worth the cost. I think of it as a "deal" so to speak. Maybe stalk ebay for awhile if you don't mind used bags if you are worried about cost. There have definitely been BE bags going for real cheap since the name isn't as known as B.

    To simplify it in the end, they are well worth the price! :smile: I would never regret spending money on a BE.
  3. thank you painted ... i realise the price difference between Bal and BE but i still want to know that when im paying almost $1k for a bag (keep in mind im in australia and out dollar aint the same against the pound or the USD) i want it to be good quality.

    Its the colour of the crash purple thats really hooked me ... and i cant get that on ebay. I just read on a post that someone wishes they could return theirs cause its not great quality for the price ... thats what i wanted to find out about (whether others feel that way?)

  4. I posted publicly in response to this claim (same individual was/is dissatisfied with the quality for the price, but did not elaborate at all) and privately ~ both times, absolutely no response. This person did not state which style, type of leather, how long or recent s/he had this experience, how the bag was used, usage frequency and in types of weather/climate conditions, etc...no details whatsoever. :shrugs:

    Above said, it is very difficult for me to draw any conclusions ~ especially considering the number of women here who adore BE and have not had similar experiences...or, at least, refuse to discuss it openly and honestly in a factual manner.

    Until this person provides details, evidence, and comparisons to similar priced handbags, I have little choice but to discount her/his remarks, as they are unfounded without some proof or qualifiers other than a subjective opinion.
  5. I agree. There is obviously love for BE since we finally got our own sub-forum. If BE was inferior, I doubt we'd have gotten one. I didn't see that remark but it'd be nice if they elaborated why she felt that way. I think I saw only one complaint the entire time and that's from not waterproofing or caring for your bag from the start. However, that had nothing to do with quality issues.

    I know I'll be using my current BE for an extremely long time if not forever as well as the two new ones I have coming to me! :love: It's slowly slouching more. In the long scheme of things, I think there have been more complaints about Bal and their dissapointing new leather. If I bought a Bal, I would probably have to buy one of their older bags since there's been way too many complaints about their newer, thinner, cheap feeling, cracked leather. It all goes to show about huge companies wanting to make more money with their lack of quality control. The care that is made in making BE bags is unbelievable. They are made in very small quantities of about 6 at a time per color I believe on average. The leather that is needed to make a perfect bag is a lot because of having to cut the perfect piece.
  6. ^^
    ITA with paintednightsky. BE has wonderful CS and Jackie/Ashley both go out of their ways to amke sure we are happy with our new handbags. I mentioned once that the LM and LMMs will both benefit with an added magnetic closure and Jackie went ahead and added them.

    I also love the exclusivity of BE. They are great quality and I will wear my BEs forever. Before BE, I have never spent more than $400.00 on a handbag. With BE, I don't hesitate to plop down the money b/c it is sooo worth it.
  7. ^I was like kings before too on the subject about spending a lot. Even 400 was a high ceiling for me. I know I can buy a Bal from the 3 BE bags I've bought. I've always been drawn to Bal, but their recent quality issues has me turned off. I'd definitely like a Bal one day but it definitely won't be any of their newer bags. It seems like with brands like chanel, etc. there are all these issues that were never a problem in the past. I think it is because of the output and lack of quality control that is coming with the surge in demand. Plus Bal is heavily faked which is deterring me. I'd love to buy one from a TPFer but I've never been accepted to the market place yet :sad: With BE at least you won't have to worry about fakes and they are not mass produced. They are definitely unique. Also I love all the organization and the bright fuschia silk flash inside their bags. I thought the section in the how the bags are created section on Jackie's site was informative. I can honestly say my LM was the best 800 dollars ever spent on a bag! :smile: I value money a lot and understand the worth of it and surprisingly, I had no regrets afterwards since it was totally worth it. If you knew me before when I bought 20 dollar bags, you'd get that I really do think a BE bag is worth the $.

    BTW don't I always see you in the RM forum? You seem so familiar from somewhere!
  8. I was shocked:shocked: to hear that there was a problem with the BE leather. Where is that posted? I've owned both Balenciaga and BE. The Balenciaga leather seems totally different than the BE. It is much thinner and lighter. The BE leather is thicker with a wonderful smell and a gorgeous color. It is probably the nicest looking leather I've seen. This comparison is to the matte chocolate BE leather, so BE crash leather could be very different. I certainly don't want to knock the Balenciaga leather because every year is different for that brand, but my chocolate had veining and was too distressed for my taste. The post you referred to would be the first one that I've heard of that didn't like BE, but everyone has a right to their own opinion.
  9. I've never spent much on bags before (like, always under $100)...with BE, I've already ordered 4! (received 1 already....love it!). I plan on ordering more :smile:
  10. The leather on BE bags and Balenciaga bags are completely different. BE leather is thicker and more stiff when they are new. Balenciaga leather is very lightweight, pillowy and distressed. I usually prefer leather like Balenciaga leather - I like it soft, buttery, and I want it to melt into a puddle when I put it down. However, the BE leather is extremely high quality and has a gorgeous quality to the color - they colors just glow (which is something I love about Balenciagas). So, despite my usual preferences, BE leather has won me over completely.

    So, yes, you will definitely get a very high quality bag that will not disappoint you as long as you aren't expecting a super slouchy type of bag similar to Bbags.
  11. I've never spent this much on a handbag, and I've ordered my second one! BE bag quality is really quite remarkable and the designs are so well thought out. I know these bags are often compared to Bal bags but I can't give you that comparison. I can tell you that I've been extremely happy with the leather, the craftsmanship and the service. I can't image you'd be disappointed with a purple crash Hug Me...it looks fantastic!
  12. dsrk, I had followed her posts before and she had the Love Me Mini in purple. I think she had only heard snippets of sara's story about her purple LM and had voiced her concerns. I believe she was comparing the LMM to a Choo? But I'm not positive....
  13. I don't have a Choo, although this strikes me as comparing apples to oranges, would you agree? They're in completely different price categories.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge audball67 ~ you ROCK!!! :rochard:
  14. I think I remembered the post because it was one of the few negative (maybe the only one?) I had ever heard of about BE. Everyone is entitled to her opinion, but it struck me as a little odd that the poster never elaborated - it certainly would have been interesting to hear her point of view.

    I've never owned a Choo either...it's not really my style, but I can see where it has it's appeal with it's edgier look.

    Mjlover, I've never owned a Bal, but I had read about all these quality issues with recent Bals (I actually had my eye on a City or Day) and frankly, I didn't want to spend the time to do an in depth research project on which year, leather, or look was going to be suitable for me. BEs are beautiful, regardless which season, color, or leather you choose. They certainly have different qualities (the matte leather is "chewy", a term I have seen the Bal girls use a lot), but I appreciate them all.

    The styles are very unique and I don't see a million of these bags around. As a matter of fact, I have yet to see one BE in my area! OTOH, I have seen Bal Days and Cities everywhere here, and there is a boutique in a nice area nearby that sells knock-offs! I would rather own a special piece....and Jackie's customer service is superb in my book!
  15. I have a Balenciaga Black City with GSH and while I love it (for the handles mostly- and overall "look"), I will confess that I prefer the BE leather.

    And my friends who have seen my Balenciaga AND BE's have told me HANDS DOWN they'd take BE over Bal anyday. The leather on BE is consistently gorgeous......of course, it's like normal leather and will have natural markings here and there.....otherwise her bags would cost at least $2K or more.

    You can't go wrong with BE...if you like the style, I guarantee you'll adore the leather.