Quality of B&W Floral cotton lining.



I was just wondering if anyone can attest that the newly-released black floral lined bags are an indication that the bags are made in NYC? I was just wondering about the mix of linings and bags, and why the release of black floral seems to be so limited? Thanks!


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Apr 19, 2007
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Yes, I think that the US factory has been using the black & white floral lining lately. I think that RM was going to be using the blue & white signature lining for all bags but her loyal fans here on TPF expressed their love for the black & white floral lining so much that she had it come back.

Having said that RM is known for switching up her linings so you never no when you might see a new one pop up. She does however know how much we all love the black and white lining so I would be shocked if she stopped using it.


May 16, 2008
I also think that there were some consistency issues with the blue and white striped lining -- some people experienced some dye transfer/bleeding -- and this might have also prompted the switch back to B&W lining (which is wonderful, very sturdy, and easy to deal with in terms of stain removal). :smile:


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May 24, 2009
How is the quality of 2009 Black&White floral cotton lining?
Is it thick or thin?
For me it looks like an ordinary bed linen cotton on the pictures. Maybe it just looks like that? ( it Pepper Nikki and Mini Devote I'm looking at now :whistle:)

Are all BW floral linings made of the same quality fabric?

And I need to ask about these new round feet. Do they fall off, or it just 08 signature feet do?
I like round feet.


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
IMO all of RM's linings have been very qualitative. She has two types of floral lining, there is a cotton one, which isn't very thick, but does hold up well. There is also a black/white floral canvas lining, which is thicker and heavier. So far we haven't had issues with any of her linings. The only one a few people had issues with were the blue/white stripe. It wasn't the quality of fabric though, it was the dye that caused the lining to bleed on *some* bags. All of the fabrics she uses for her linings have been very qualitative.

RE the feet-- not all the signature feet were defective. There are many of us that have had multiple bags in signature hardware without any issues. I honestly don't think the feet are defective, i don't think the factories were attaching them on all bags the way they should have been... but anyways, seems like the newer feet are holding up better. Haven't seen any feet issues posted here with the newer line.


Feb 7, 2007
I dunno but I love the floral lining..my fav by far. I have 2 and they hold up very well.


Dec 19, 2008
i have this lining too on my only 2 RMs and i havent had any problems with them. both of mine are very thick and heavy, canvas-like. the bags are from last fall and this spring. :smile:


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Nov 13, 2006
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I have the black and white floral lining in my Wine MAM and Dusty MAM. It's so thick and durable, I love it! I've had my bags for over a year, and I've never had any problems with them getting holes, pilling, or bleeding. :yes:

I have two MAMs with signature hardware and one MAM with the new mixed hardware. I haven't had any problems with feet studs falling off or becoming loose.


May 16, 2008
I love the floral cotton lining...it's very durable, and if you happen to get anything on it (unless it's nail polish or something along those lines, of course) it's easy to clean! As far as looks go though I love the new cotton black and white stripe best, it's so fresh looking. I don't dig the blue and cream bengaline, tho.

No feet issues here, either. I've been lucky, and I hope that you are, too! :smile:


Jul 21, 2008
North Texas
The floral is THE thickest. The new cotton grey stripe is probably the thinnest one.
I just got my new mamms yesterday, and they have the grey stripe lining. This lining is actually a bit thicker in the mamms than it was in the sample sale bags and pouches (which my previous statement was based on). It feels like a different kind of cotton blend.