Quality; Michael Kors vs Coach

  1. Just curious; do you think the quality is comparable? I am interested in bags from both brands. Any thoughts on this?
  2. I'm not sure about Coach, but it is comparable to Marc Jacobs.
  3. MK quality is fantastic! I have several Coach bags too and they are on par with each other. Although I think MK is more consistant with quality. The good thing about MK is that if you buy a bag, you don't find it 2 weeks later at the outlet for less than 1/2 the cost. That's one thing that is turning me off of Coach (and I have been a faithful Coachie for the last 11 years). Take the Hamilton for instance, it's a fantastic bag, the leather is absolutely gorgous (sp?) several pockets on the inside for all your things and it's just simply a beautiful bag. Now, if we talk about the MK Collection bags, I think they are way better than Coach. JMO.
  4. I still love Coach a lot, but overall I'd have to give a slight edge to MK. Not that MK blows Coach out of the water, but overall the quality for MK bags IMO too is better. I totally agree that the collection bags are in a different league though.

    The outlet thing can be infuriating for a lot of people. MK seems to keep his boutique bags and outlet bags quite separate with the exception of a few end of season bags, and in the case of the Hamilton, the factory version is different than the boutique version. I think that is a smart marketing decision since the Coach outlet thing angers many people. They should really wait a few months before sending the boutique deletes to the outlets.

    I purchased a Coach bag while in Orlando and by the time I got back home I found out it had gone to the outlets - this was around a week after I bought it - a week!!!
  5. I own one MK bag. I bought it because it is a gorgeous shade of kelly green. The leather on it is fantastic. Glad to know the bags hold up well.
  6. I have several Coach bags and love them all. Coach has great quality and styles and honors their quality assurance by offering to repair, provide refund or discount on next bag. They offer coupons and sales. Overall, Coach has quality products, lots of styles, great return policy and quality assurance.

    I only have one Michael Kors hamilton bag and 3 small crossbodies and love them all. MK seems to be as good quality as Coach. Unfortunately, does not have good return policy. MK does not offer coupons. Markdowns are final sale and no returns are accepted and I do not know about their quality assurance.
  7. I think MK has better quality leather, but the customer service is not as good.
  8. I just wanted to tell you that I am drooling over your yellow bag.
  9. Thanks so much!! I can't wait until Spring so that I can break it out. It comes in tons of colors and two sizes ($248 medium and $298 small). You should check them out. :biggrin:
  10. I may be the minority but I purchased a MK bag about 6 years ago. It had silver hardware with a lock on the front. The silver hardware rusted and developed black spots on it. The thick pebbled leather of the bag is excellent and still looked new, despite lots of use and abuse but the hardware looks horrible & there is no way to fix it. That is why I am hesitate to buy a new MK.
  11. I've only come in contact with one MK bag-- the luggage hamilton. I have a few Coach leather bag. I feel like the leather on my coach are much smoother... I also just dont like how the edges of the hamilton are exposed.. I am in the minority too but I feel like the MK could pass for a cheaper bag. My coach is softer and not as stiff. But then again, the purse style were completely different! quality wise, none are glaring more poor compared to the other. I guess its the design of the one MK bag I have that threw me off.
  12. I own MK and Coach and I give the edge to MK. For example, I was looking at a madison convertible hobo and a medium Ursala hobo at Dillards, and even the SA said the MK was a better quality handbag. The leather is nicer,the linings feel more durable, and I love all the inside pockets. I haven't had a problem with hardware turning at all. That being said, I'm not a fan of the Hamilton either for many of shopaholic's reason and it's just not my style.
  13. I think it's tough to make a fair comparison when you've had one bad bag problem because that can happen to any designer even the premium super high end ones.

    I have 12 Coach bags and 8 Kors bags and I've had issues with a few of my Coach bags and have gotten credits and had to do returns/exchanges because of issues. I've never had an issue with any of my Kors bags including my 2 Hamiltons.

    From my personal experience you would expect that I'd say Kors blows Coach out of the water for quality and workmanship, but I don't say that because I know people have had issues at times with Kors so just because I haven't, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    And I wouldn't judge any brand on one bag issue. Heck even though I've had a few issues with Coach I still love them and buy them regularly.

    It's a hard issue to define really but ultimately I think they are both great brands and still love and buy both.
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  14. It is difficult to compare bags that aren't similar. To say that Coach or MK has smoother leather, for example, depends entirely on the bag. There are smooth Coach leathers and pebbled Coach leathers, likewise with MK, and each leather is designed to be different and feel different.

    I have four MK bags and countless Coach bags, and I find the quality to be comparable. Both the textured and the soft lambskin MK bags I've had have held up very well to regular use, and I have very few complaints with my Coach bags, either. I've never had an occasion to test the CS at either store, as I've never had something break or need repair.

    I have found greater variety of choices, though, both in design and as far as types of leather go with MK, though. Coach, while they change bags often, work within certain lines for quite a while and if you aren't fond of those lines then it doesn't leave much. Department stores, while they carry and feature a lot of the Hamiltons line, seem to have a greater variety of different styles of MK bags.
  15. Oh how true is this. The Fall/Winter was a total bust for me where Coach is concerned because I hated the Sophia bag and that completely saturated the Coach line for the past 6 months - that and the Madison shoulder bag that I also did not like at all. So I bought a lot of MK over the past 6 months!!

    But now they've released a bunch of Kristin stuff which I love and they've pulled me right back in. Not that I'll ever leave MK - I love both brands equally. Maybe I'm a tinier bit more in love with MK.