quality leather

  1. Forgetting style, hardware etc, out of your designer bags which ones do you think are made from the nicest/ good quality leather? i'm loving the Mulberry darwin leather at the moment - but then i haven't got any other designer bags!!!
  2. I have a soft yellow/vanilla COCCINELLE bag which is TDF. The leather is wonderful soft, but it's not too soft, KWIM?
  3. i love the lambskin on my Ellen Tracy tote. it is sooo buttery soft. i can't help myself touching it every other minute. :smile:
  4. I recommend coccinelle or mulberry
  5. OH DEAR... Balenciaga bag leather is TDF!!!! Absolutely the best leather I have ever felt... It is fantastic....

    Also, I have a Coach bag from the Legacy line that is a very "hearty" leather... thick and supple... Best leather I've had from Coach...

    I didn't really care for Mulberry, because the leather is so stiff? It seemed unneccessarily heavy and bulky. MJ leather is great on alot of the older bags... I guess it just depends on what you are looking for in a leather...

  6. I love the Coach Legacy leather. It's very nice.
  7. def. balenciaga leathers, they are vey nice, soft, smooshy, thick but slouchy!
    also loving the caviar leather on the chanel coco cabas
  8. Balenciaga and Fendi Spy leather :yes:
  9. Balenciaga leather just simply RULES! It is just indescribable if you haven't felt it. But there are plenty of leathers out there to appeal to everyone and it would depend on what you look for in leather. Structure or Slouch? I think Gryson has a sturdy thick leather that isn't too hard.
  10. Loving Francesco Biasia and Cole Haan. Great leather on both!!
  11. :love: Brighton:love:
  12. In this order:

    BV, Julien MacDonald (looks kitsch - feels expensive! :biggrin: ) and Chloe.
  13. My BV's in the lambskin Nappa leather is like silk, it's so soft. Also Marc by Marc Jacobs has really soft leather and some Cole Haan bags are supple leather.
  14. All my Balenciaga's and my Marc Jacobs soft calf skin multipocket :yes:
  15. I've seen quality leather all across the board (Sigrid Olsen to LV), and price doesn't indicate much of anything. Some of the worst leather I've ever seen has been on Chloe bags, and they're quite pricey.