Quality Knitwear - Which Brands Should I Look For?

  1. I have bought several knit tops that have pilled after just a few wearings from Neiman Marcus's exclusive brands, Forth and Towne, Nordstrom's house brand Classique Entier, etc. :tdown:

    This is driving me insane. Nearly every knit item I have bought in the last year did this to me regardless of where I purchased it from and the material. I had to get rid a large portion of my newer items since they looked worn so quickly. The exception has been Ann Taylor but their stuff hasn't been fitting me well lately.

    I'm getting sick of wasting money on knitwear that doesn't hold up and would appreciate suggestions on brands/stores that produce clothing that consistently hold up. Any suggestions?

  2. I just bought three pieces from Autumn Cashmere (they do Cashmere, Cotton and Bamboo). The quality is very nice. But I think every knitwear piece will start to pill after some time. You could buy one of those knitwear "shavers" (or whatever they are called).
    Another nice brand is Allude (Cashmere, Silk, Cotton).
  3. Thanks Deelove. I'll do a search for them.

    When I mean pill, I'm not talking about 1 or 2 pills to remove. I have a fabric comb for those. I'm talking about pills all over the entire garment after only wearing it a few times. IMO that shouldn't happen - especially on tops that are $100 or $200+. That is just poor quality.
  4. I read in InStyle a while back that you should COMB your cashmere when it pills, Ill see if I can find that copy to scan for you. I think it went so far as to suggest the right comb.

    I personally buy cheap tshirts at target and oldnavy and gap because I just toss them when they get too bad. Cashmere I tend to buy through Land's End as I prefer the pricepoint and can get many uses out of it. I st ill feel I have to layer it no matter how soft it feels, I still itch so I wear tiny tissue weight tees from target (mossimo) underneath.
  5. have you tried st. john? they're the classic for knits and very very durable.
  6. Are you sure that you are properly caring for your knits? Cashmere should be handwashed with a mild soap and laid flat to dry and then I hand-steam mine. Pretty much all natural-fiber kints should be treated this way. I've never ever had pilling on my sweaters when I treat them this way. I have everything from $15 ones from Express to amazing ones straight from Mongolia to C3 and Hayden and they all have held up amazingly.
  7. Azaelea -
    I'll take a look at St.John. I noticed a lot of sale racks at Nordstrom from the sale. I usually bypass that brand because it has an older feel to it and I'm in my 20s but I guess it would be fine for some basics.

    Shoulderache -
    I really think it's the quality of the pieces I've chosen. I handwash my knits in baby shampoo or Woolite. I have a mesh thing that looks like a little trampoline that I lay them flat to dry on. If it's not cashmere and I'm not sure about the fabric (i.e., silk) I dry clean it.

    The top I wore the day I posted this was my first time wearing it and I didn't wash it first I only work it to work at a desk job so there was not excuse for the construction.

    I've had probably 10+ tops from mid-priced labels/stores do this to me over the last year so I've been frustrated

    The funny thing is all the really cheap clothing I own from places like New York and Company look perfect. No pills, holes, snags, etc.

    Does anyone have any pointers for spotting quality in the garments? I thought by choosing mid-range labels I'd be OK for non-cashmere fabrics but I'm not having much luck.
  8. If you don't want sweaters to pill that much, you probably have to go with cashmere with cotton blend.
  9. Nearly all sweaters will pill. To avoid it happening, you'll have to stray away from fuzzier sweaters (angora, most cashmere, etc.) and do blends that include cotton or silk. It's not a quality issue.
  10. ZoeyZoo, I recently bought some tops from Talbot's of all places, and am really pleased with the quality... For good, plain knit tees and sweaters, I'd recommend them.
  11. I have cardigans from the Sutton Studio Bloomingdales line and they don't pill. I have a ton of them from over the seasons, cardigans are definitely a staple of my wardrobe, lol... and just some regular sweaters too... everything from marino wools to cashmere mixed with silk to pure cashmere... so far no pilling. But I don't seem to have a problem with that with any of my knits or sweaters regardless of the brand, at least that I can call to mind.
  12. It varies so much, I think, in any general type of clothing. Are you looking for basic, classic items or more unique pieces?

    Along with the brands already mentioned, Misook has really good quality. I know that the brand is sold at Nordstrom's, but I'm sure you could find it elsewhere.

    Another brand to think of is Missoni or the company's lower priced line M Missoni. They're a little more colorful, different, and expensive, but the styles seem to be pretty classic from most, with slight variations in color and anything Missoni would be a real investment.

    Hope this helped!
  13. ^^ I love M Missoni too!

    Autumn Cashmere
    Nieman Marcus' own cashmere line - I've had good luck with them and only recently had to replenish what I have but after 6 years of heavy rotation that's OK with me!