Quality Issues

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  1. Hi ladies! I bought a caviar WOC last week. I tried one a bag on in the boutique and decided to buy it, so the SA went to get me a brand new one and wrapped it up for me! When I came home, I discovered something like a scratch on the side of the bag which surprise me because caviar is normally very durable (See picture). I went back to Chanel today and said that I’d like to exchange it for a new one. They had a closer look at it and said “Oh no, that’s not a scratch, it’s leftover glue!”. I was actually shocked because I would expect glue on cheap bags or fake Chanel bags, but not on 2k bags! They scratched it off and asked if I was okay with it. I said no and that I wanted to have a NEW and flawless bag.. so they exchanged mine and I overheard one SA telling the other that the bag that I had just returned would be sold to another customer .. the one with the scratched-off glue. Am I being overly sensitive here? I just don’t think this should happen given their prices and I think there shouldn’t be any glue next to a Chanel bag! Did you have similar issues?
  2. The glue is normal.

    ETA: If you do a search for "glue" in this forum, you will find others that also had excess glue on their Chanels, which can be gently rubbed off.
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  3. I will search it, thank you! I was just so surprised to find out they glue things together! I never had that issues with my other Chanel bags.. I just thought everything would be crafted in an oldschool way.. I guess I was wrong then.. probably will move to Hermes for good now!!
  4. The glue thing does happen and can be easily removed. I’d rather get one like that than an item with a popped stitch or other issues. I always inspect the bag coming out of the back before it’s wrapped.
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  5. Believe me, I will do that too in the future! :biggrin:
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  6. Hermes, Dior, etc... all use glue as part of the production process. After the leather is glued it is then sewn together either by hand or by machine. The glue is simply to prevent wrinkles while sewing. I’ve attached a link to the production process at Hermes.

    Good quality control requires craftsmen to remove excess glue prior to ever reaching the sales floor.
  7. Please don't worry about the glue. I remember when I acquired an Hermes Kelly and a Birkin in the mid-noughties that both had issues with white glue residue. It was easily cleaned off by the craftsman on the shopfloor of the FSH store, with no lengthy spa trip required. Apparently it was a consequence of them changing to an new eco-friendly glue that was invisible until fully dried, hence the white traces mysteriously appearing on Hermes bags for a time. So it comes as no surprise that Chanel use glue and have the same issue with their leather goods. I'm glad they gave you the choice of a fresh, ungluey bag though - enjoy her!
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  8. I literally have no idea what I am looking at. The photo is zoomed in, so I imagine that the glue area is tiny, right?
  9. hi. i got this bag yesterday as an exchange for my small classic flap. but is this normal? the flap looks not very straight and there is a space between the flap and bag
    20190112_140338.jpg 20190112_140247.jpg