Quality Issues

  1. The Saint Lucie & Beluga would be other options to consider. Unless you would prefer something with shoulder straps.

    The St. Louis bag is a bit thin and not lined with yellow canvas as are many other Goyard bags. All the weight on Louis seems to be unevenly distributed. I believe this is why it eventually wears away the thin straps. There might be curing techniques to prevent the leather from becoming worn and brittle.

    The Ambassade seems like a more durable bag and you can separately buy handles for the Ambassade in different colors to mix and match.

    Enjoy in whatever you decide.
  2. Im kinda considering a Moynat cabas quattro at the momend XD
  3. We talked about this earlier in the thread, so here are the photos of my St. Louis PM with the reinforced corners. As I mentioned, I'm not so crazy about them because they're so small.:shucks: Ah well - it's still Goyard! :love:

    Here's how it looks from the front.
    Goyard 1.jpg
  4. Here's how it looks from the side.
    Goyard 2.jpg
  5. its quite subtle :shocked:
    i expected it to be more...i dont know :p

    but it doesnt look bad at all!
  6. I've never heard of Moynat.Thanks for mentioning this. Another curiosity for me to discover. Danke!
  7. I agree! I expected it to be larger and it doesn't look bad - doesn't look good, but doesn't look bad! :lol:
  8. Hey Edia,I have a Moynat Quattro in Toile and in Leather and its beautiful.The toile is really tough and I love the fact that its lined, Have a few Goyards and a Neverfull(indestructible)But its the print which Im a fan of.
  9. what about a celine bag?

  10. im actually waiting for new balenciaga stock at a local boutique ;3
    I do love the Celine Cabas. But Celine in general doesnt go with my style.

    I also came to the conclusion that i have to buy a Goyard Senat later that year.
    You have to see things for yourself i think! If I like the quality maybe ill go for a St. Louis too :3