Quality Issues

  1. Hello Goyardies :heart:

    So I have a question. I kinda wanted to buy a St. Louis,
    but then heard about the wearing edges problem.
    like you can get holes and stuff. also about how the handles break and so on.
    Then I thought, well, might as well get an Ambassade.
    But then Ive also seen pictures with peeling leather. roughed up edges. you name it.

    Im not asking if Goyard is worth the money,
    I just really want to know if their quality is rather low.
    Compared to LV for example.
    Or better yet to Hermès! Since its between an Evelyn III or the Ambassade to me.

    Honest oppinions pls! And thanks in advance for sharing your experience:heart:
  2. I have a black St. Louis PM that has held up very well with every day wear. I bought it last July from Barneys, and have used it consistently for work for about 4 months. So far the edges have held up, the paint is fine, and the handles have not cracked. Then again, I do not overload my bag with heavy books or laptop unlike others. Only negative I would say about the bag is because of its open top, sometimes rain gets into the bag and your stuff can get damp. I definitely think that it is durable and practical, and would buy another. Hope this helps!
  3. I have been using my St. Louis GM as a gym bag to haul around my sneakers, CD's, and everything I need for teaching/training. The items themselves are not heavy but the bag gets heavy due to the capacity. After about a month of consistent use both the handles and body still look great. Keep in mind that the amount of carrying time is probably less than 10 minutes - out of the house, to the car, to the building, to the studio where it sits until I leave and reverse the process. If gravity were constantly pulling it down due to being carried a lot then maybe wear would begin to occur.
  4. I have 3 St. Louis, 2 in PM, 1 in GM. No problems with them at all =)

    Having said so, some TPF-ers talked about the sealant cracking before. Could be a problem affecting a certain batch of bags, not too sure. But my experience with Goyard and SAs has been enjoyable

  5. So if its for travel I should rather go for a Neverfull then?
    I want to throw in shoes and clothing and my toiletry bag you know?

    thanks for the reply! Guess its really all about how you handle your bags
  6. I LOVE your pink St. Louis :smile:

    Did you already use it for travel?
  7. From what I read on this forum, even if you baby your St. Louis, you can expect some issues with the handles. But I bought one anyway! :p About the corner wear, I've seen some really bad examples of really badly worn corners. But I understand from my Barneys SA that you can get the corners reinforced with leather. So I decided to get mine done right away, rather than wait until they started to wear! :lol:
  8. I have carried mine daily for over two years and have not had one issue.
  9. Oh yes! And days when I have a lot to bring around.
  10. I have a St. Louis PM which I often use for travel. No problems with the corners and handles so far. The plus side is, I am usually the only one in the airport with a Goyard St. Louis. The down side of a Neverfull is, there will probably be twenty of you with the same bag.
  11. :biggrin: thats really assuring! thanks:heart:

    since theres only so many goyard stores i guess thats not going to change in the near future either! though i would go with a mon mono nf anywho :p

    doesnt this kinda look like an alexander wang prisma tote then? Ive already heard about this option before and tried to imagine what it would look like :confused1:
    i dont care about the handles that much though, so thats ok with me ;D

    thank you all for your input! Ill be in paris in june (i know still 5 months to go :lol:) and i think ill go for an ambassade and/or a st. louis then rather than shopping hermes (we have a store here too so i can still get my evelyn anytime)

  12. I'm not at all familiar with Alexander Wang, but I am a bit concerned that it might no longer look like a Goyard! Ah well - too late now!! :shucks:
  13. Hate to sound like a broken record, but I love all my Goyard bags.
  14. Thanks! :hugs: I can't wait to get it back so that I can wear it!
  15. So I bought a St. Louis GM in Paris last year. I have used it daily as my go-to work bag, and generally carry a wallet, magazine, iPad, phone, and other necessities.

    The corners are in excellent condition and have worn well; however, just the other day I noticed that the handles had started to rip at the bottom, which frightened me. I called Goyard, and they were not too helpful. They said at best, they could possibly help to replace them (at the cost of $300). At the worst, I would be out of luck, and have to wait until the straps break and buy a new bag.

    I've always been a huge fan of Goyard, and still am, but am quite disconcerted about their policies. LV is looking more appealing these days, as their policies are a lot more user friendly...