Quality issues with your PS bags? Comparison to B-bags?

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm a b-bag girl but am thinking of getting a PS PS1 messenger bag. I recently purchased a balenciaga neo folk in hopes that it's "the" messenger bag for me, but after seeing pics of the PS1 I might convert (this one time at least!)

    However, after reading a few threads I noticed many people complained about the quality of PS bags (I.e, screws coming loose, hardware and leather easily scratched, color transfer). I've never had any of these issues with my bbags and would hate to spend $1600 on something that may only last a year.

    Can anyone give details on how their bag has held up? Can anyone who has both bbags and PS bags compare the craftsmanship

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I haven't had any issues and I got my PS1 two months ago. I got a darker color, though... The saddle and it's been a great bag for me! Love it!
  3. I feel like the PS has a heftier and more solid feel than the Bals. I haven't had my PS1 very long but it feels bulletproof. Time will tell, I guess!
  4. I have both Bal Suede Folk (not the Neo-Folk) and PS1 (Large and XL) in dark color, so color transfer is not an issue for me. I use my PS1 as work bag and Folk as travel/casual bag. Leather-wise, PS1 is definitely much more thicker hence I feel sturdier. PS1 is also more organized in terms of the pockets/compartment it has. I don't have loose screws on my PS1 for two years so far (knock on wood). The black coating on the buckle did chip a bit on my black PS1, but they replaced the hardware on black PS1 in recent season. My other PS1 with bronze hardware doesn't scratch easily.
    I hate to say this but I think the craftsmanship on recent years Bal is slightly inferior to PS in general (average to the ones I've seen/owned).
  5. I've been using my burgundy PS1 for the last 6 months and haven't had any problems. I check the screws periodically to make sure they aren't loosening but I've never had to tighten them.

    I do have a little color transfer/wear but that's because I keep my phone in the back pocket and the leather is constantly being rubbed along where it's covering one of the phone's edges. I could easily solve this if I moved my phone to another compartment, but it's so convenient for me there and the leather is dark so it doesn't show much.
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    I've owned both and (so far), the PS bags are aging very well.

    I haven't had maintenance issues with any of my PS satchels, or the Keepall. I did eventually sell a Large Moss PS1 from S/S '10 that had noticeable color shifting (it got darker and developed brown undertones when exposed to the sun) - but the dye process has been improved and I believe that subsequent PS seasons are more colorfast.

    Some considerations: PS bags do look awesome despite regular use, but they don't "break in" the way Bbags do. So, if you covet the slouchiness and soft, pillowy leather of a well-used Bal, you may be disappointed by the eternal nature of PS bags. Save for a few unavoidable scratches here and there, your PS is going to look basically the same 2 years from now as it does on the shelf.

    Of course, I've had my oldest PS1 (Large Smoke) for only 2 years - so there could be surprises ahead. But I doubt it. I think it will be my go-to sructured bag for years to come.
  7. I've had no quality issues with my PS1 so far (had it for about 2 months now). There's colour transfer, but honestly I think that is to be expected since it's a light colour (neon coral) and it's always bumping against my hip. If I carried my Vieux Rose Bal First against my hip like that all the time, I'm sure it'll also get colour transfer. I wouldn't call it a quality issue.

    As ehemelay above, I too think the main consideration is how much you value the smooshyness of a broken-in Bal, because the PS leather is never gonna get that soft.
  8. The only quality issue I have had with my PS1s has been chipping on the black hardware on my black one; as mentioned upthread, I think they have improved that in recent seasons. Sometimes my strap clips come unclipped as well, but as they're not broken or anything I consider it more of an occasional annoyance than a quality issue.

    I have a lot of Bal bags and several PS bags and I agree with the people who have said that Bal leather breaks in differently. PS leather is more structured - it's still soft to the touch, but it's far less puddly than broken in Bal leather.

    I do find that the PS bags are easier to organize due to more pockets and compartments, and I like the PS1 look better in professional situations (I think more structured bags look better at work, but that's just my opinion). Also, if you are looking at the PS1 as a messenger, I think only the XL and maybe the Large size are wearable cross-body - the strap on the medium is too short for most people to wear cross-body.
  9. You can wear the Pouch crossbody too, but it's probably too small for a lot of people. :smile: Compared to Balenciaga, it's a bit larger than the Hip, but smaller than a First. There were some cute pics posted a little earlier on this board of a PS1 Pouch fitting right into a Bal Town. :biggrin:
  10. You're right, of course! I just got a Pouch and haven't used it yet so I totally forgot to include it. It's definitely smaller than a First, which a lot of Bal enthusiasts consider too small for everyday wear. I think a First is just right, but I don't carry a lot with me. I got the Pouch to tuck into a larger tote bag when I travel.
  11. So I'm a bit annoyed. I've been using my large PS1 as a daily driver since I got it, maybe a month ago. This week, though, because the cutout in the leather of the flap is barely larger than the metal buckle part set in it, the raw leather edge is popping out from behind it. Grrrrrr! If it gets any more noticeable, this puppy is going back to Barney's for an exchange. This is super annoying!
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