Quality issues with nubuck rocco?

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  1. I just ordered a navy nubuck rocco off theoutnet.com but now I'm hearing concerns regarding the piping and trim wearing and other stores removing their stock...is my bargain bag not really the bargain I want it to be? Will theoutnet.com still sell sub-par stock? Thanks all!
  2. I just snagged a camel nubuck off the outnet as well, and I'm worried about the same thing. Have you received your bag yet? I'd love to see shots! I think I would've preferred the navy nubuck to the camel~ I'm afraid the light color's gonna show wear really quick :sad:
  3. I also got the navy. to me the quality looks better than my 2011 Rocco. what problems are people having? I think nubuck can be delicate.
  4. Nubuck is just high-maintenance. Looking at the navy nubuck Rocco I'd expect easy scratching and corner wear.
  5. Poppys Style, did you receive your navy nubuck yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it (or even better, pictures ^^). I saw one pop up on the outnet so I ordered it. I haven't even received my camel nubuck rocco from an earlier order... Gonna have to make a decision once I get them both in :sad:
  6. Did you receive your Roccos yet? I got my camel nubuck one from TheOutnet today. It's so gorgeous!! I love the color even more than in the pictures! But I'm really unsure whether to keep it. I haven't owned a nubuck bag before and it would be such a shame if I wrecked it after a few wears... :nogood:

    @uadjit: What do you mean by "high maintenance"? What would I have to do to keep it the way it looks now? Thanks for your help! :smile:
  7. I have the midnight blue nubuck. It is more resistant than I thought. Keep it out of any sort of precipitation and try to rest it on clean surfaces. since mine is blue there is no denim transfer but for lighter colors that may be an issue.
  8. I think nubuck is a fun choice. I wear a lot of leather (pants,skirts,jackets) and only own leather bags - so nubuck was a surprisingly good option for me. Creates variations in textures. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394559984.713778.jpg
  9. I mean the texture is more susceptible to rubbing and staining (especially from liquids) particularly in light colors like camel. There are stain protectant sprays for suede you can buy to use on nubuck. I'd recommend getting one.
  10. I had a nubuck Dooney once. Just once. As mentioned the rubbing is a problem.
  11. I purchased my a black Rocco with black studs from Gilt about 2-3 years ago. The piping issues just surfaced on the bag and I've worn it a ton. It's disappointing but I've gotten more than my $ worth from it.
  12. Thank you, @uadjit! I still haven't decided if I should keep it, but if I do, I'll definitely use one of the protectant sprays you mentioned!