Quality issues with Apostrophy....


Jun 7, 2006
Behind the wheel....
I've been wearing CLs for about 10 years....completely wore out and re-purchased Pigalle 100's a number of years ago. Those shoes wore like iron...the leather resisted scuffs and all I had to do was polish them and replace heel taps.

I recently (Feb) purchased a pair of Apostrophy pumps in black. I LOVED these shoes for the fit and comfort....very likely one of the most comfortable heels I've owned right out of the box. Unfortunately the quality of the leather, even the sole, is not even close to what it was even 5 years ago. The heel scuffed the first time I wore them. The heel ends looked completely worn after 1-2 wears (I'm not doing anything different). I sneeze in the same room as these shoes and they scuff! I dare say they were about as bad as a pair of Steve M shoes I once experimented with. My friend just purchased and returned 2 Apostrophy pairs from NM, because they appeared "wrinkled and stretched" right out of the box. She contacted NM asking for a new pair, surmising that perhaps the other two were "worn and returned", and NM informed her they would not be restocking any sizes due to dissatisfaction with the quality from the manufacturer.

I had ordered a pair of the Apostrophy in nude, but hadn't worn them yet. I contacted NM and they waived the 60 day return policy and allowed me to return based on my experience with the black pair.

Please tell me this is not an overall CL issue and is just unique to that specific style....I love the shoes but no way am I spending that kind of money on something that falls apart the first time I wear it.
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Mar 21, 2017
Thanks for posting this!
I've been considering a pair of these. I almost bought a pair second hand, but I couldn't commit because something looked off... Every used pair I've seen seems to have a lot of damage. And they looked cheap somehow, like they're fakes even when they're not :oh:
I thought they might look better in person. After reading this, I'll pass.
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May 19, 2015
I have also noticed quality is somewhat worse than the first pair I purchased in 2010. I have not purchased the Apostrophy, but I find that the "Decoltish" style is good quality an exceptionally comfortable out of the box. IMO.