Quality issues rockstud flats

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  1. Unfortunately, paying a fortune for a pair of shoes does not guarantee that you will not mess then up, even on the first outing. I literally took a chunk out of the tip of my red rockstud limited editions the first time I wore them. I was devastated, but luckily my cobbler was able to repair them pretty well. The matte leather does get beaten up more easily that the patent leather. Expensive shoes are just expensive shoes-it is not a guarantee of anything, sadly.

  2. There are no guarantees but I have seen so many complaints about quality in the Valentino forum and I do not see the same complaints in Louboutin threads or Jimmy choo. It seems to be much more frequent here which tells me Valentino are cutting corners more than other designers.

    Paying extra does not guarantee but we pay extra in part because the quality should be much better. Where problems like this happen, the brand should be doing more to help and not just washing their hands of it - I recently returned my second pair of rock studs because of this problem. I would have probably bought another three or four pairs so they have lost out now. It's about the bigger picture.
  3. Just to update - Harrods eventually agreed to repair my shoe with there in house cobbler. These are the results...


    6 weeks later I have my shoes back finally!

  4. Happy to know that they helped out! :smile:

  5. Glad to hear it!
  6. Has anyone ever put a sole saver i.e. a pad/adhesive of some sort on the outsole before wearing for the first time? What kind did you use?

  7. Since Harrods sent the repaired shoes back to me I have sent them to the cobbler for this to be done. I haven't relieved them back yet but will let you know what I think and post pics when I get them
  8. Thanks a bunch! If this will help the sole last a bit longer I will try it!