Quality issues rockstud flats

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  1. Hi,

    I have just discovered a massive scratch on my rockstuds after wearing them out today ( I only walked on normal pavement I have not been climbing mountains or anything!)

    I am disgusted that for £460 this can happen?

    Has anyone had any issues like the pic below?

    Not sure how I can fix this?

  2. That cant be repaired to original.
    The best is to patch it so it's not so obvious.

    At the end of the day, expensive shoes are not indestructible. They are made better with nicer materials but by no means a higher price means they will survive an apolocypse.

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  3. Thats terrible! I have heard of the quality issues before and that is why I won't waste my money on them. As beautiful as they are the price is ridiculous if the leather is just too soft and easily damaged after only very gentle use. I hope you can fix them to a standard that doesn't make it look worse.

  4. What makes it worse it that it is only the fourth or fifth wear! I have much cheaper style ballerina shoes I have had for years and the leather does not scratch away like this.

    I have emailed harrods which is where they were purchased from to ask what they can do about it.
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    I hope Harrods Valentino are able to help. Please keep us informed and post a photo if you can get them fixed.

  6. Harrods have emailed me to say return them for them to be 'investigated' - I may then receive my money back.

    Debating whether to even have another pair after this, may just put my money into a different pair (probably patent) or louboutins which is my usual brand.
  7. I have a pair of leopard RS heels that came apart when I was trying them on after purchase. I've considered returning then, but I really like them. I'm trying to find a trusted cobbler, but know of none in my area.

  8. Harrods and Valentino have inspected my shoes and because it is not what they consider to be a 'manufacturing defect' they will not replace, refund or even repair the shoe.

    I'm disgusted. They basically made me feel like I was a piece of crap and purposefully damaged them and came back to complain.

    Really upset, I never complain about anything ever. And this is the treatment I get. It's Happened now anyway, so I am left out of pocket because of all this. I can't even resell them as no one is going to want these now.

    So unfair.
  9. I am really sorry that Harrods and Valentino are not able to help you and you are now out a very large amount of money. Hopefully you can find a good cobbler that might be able to do something to repair the area somewhat, so that you can wear them.

  10. Thank you. My partner is trying to persuade me to drive to London and go to the store and not move until they fix it. I have had several opinions now on this and everyone agrees this is a quality issue and should not happen for this kind of money.

  11. So sorry to hear that. I just found that Harrods' customer service sucks (both online and in-store), the only reason I bought from them is because Selfridges didn't have my size, and they had a storewide sale last weekend.

    Is it possible to go to a Valentino store and ask them? Hopefully they have a product guarantee of sorts.

    If not, perhaps you can file for purchase protection or chargeback with your credit card company. I haven't done it myself, but I heard if could be a long process, but at least there is a possibility of getting your money back.

    The other option is to make noise in social media - get the attention of Valentino or Harrods until they address your concern. I'm pretty sure you are not alone when it comes to quality issues with expensive items.

  12. I purchased on a debit not credit card so do not have the same kind of protection otherwise that would have been a great idea.

    Social media is also a really good suggestion. I currently do not use but will start a few accounts up soon and see what happens. If all else fails I will visit London in person and not move until resolved.

    So much aggro :sad:

  13. I hope it works out hun, I can't imagine how stressful
    and frustrating it is...

  14. I had a scratch on one of the pairs and it was just second outing ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461854861.697917.jpg but not as bad as yours. I haven't taken to my local cobbler yet to see if it can be fixed. I'm disappointed on the quality of these shoes. It's too expensive to have these issues .

  15. I am sorry for your scratch, isn't it really upsetting. Can you believe the brand specialists at Valentino said that have had no quality issue complaints! Absolute liars. I really don't think I will buy Valentino again after this I think the brand is rubbish. Overpriced