quality issues-- Floral sophia is literally falling apart at the seams + other probs

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  1. I have had the worst luck with the coach purchases I have made!!! It seems every bag I bring home has something wrong with it, it all started with my embroidered maggie, that arrived with all black marks all over it!! I had to drive an hour all the way back to the store to get a new one.

    Then my gunmetal carry all started flaking, and i had to return that one, and get a new one and i just noticed that one is flaking as well!

    Then my sequin audrey had sequins falling off after only carrying it once, had to go get another one of those!

    Then my madison shoulder bag arrived with all black marks on it (i havent even dealt with this yet)

    and finally the bag i have been lusting over and waiting for, for what seems like ever, my true HG is falling apart at the seams, and I've only carried it I swear five times! And I baby my bags!!! Not to mention it came missing one hand tag, and the care card!

    I emailed coach and complained about the quality of the bags I've received and they didnt really say anything other then bring it back to the store to receive a new one, whoop te do! That does nothing for the hour back and forth I have had to drive twice for each of these bags, one to get the original and one to bring it back and get a new one!! It's really starting to get depressing!

    I am a loyal customer, I think I'm going to bring it up to the manager when I go tuesday to switch my sophia, what do you think?
  2. Wow, this is bad. Can you post pics of the floral sophia with the problems? I hope they can resolve these issues for you.
  3. one of the flowers is falling off
  4. What is going on with all of these problems nowadays? :sad:

    OP, I feel sooooo bad for you. But please don't give up on Coach yet!
  5. under and next to where the knot is, theres two small holes in the leather and all glue marks (the picture isnt too clear)

  6. stitching coming apart along the zipper
  7. twisted leather coming off the handle and all glue showing (this is where the problems first began)

  8. more glue showing
  9. OMG that is AWFUL. So sorry you are going through this OP! That is not acceptable, and I would definitely talk to the manager. I ran into a streak of bad luck (but not as bad as yours) recently and it's super frustrating. Thank goodness Coach will help you out and replace it or give you credit, but it shouldn't even need to come to that KWIM? I hope they still have some floral sophia's in stock for you. Let us know what happens.
  10. Hmmmmm this is not good. Take your bag or bags back to your local store and see what they can do. COACH always seems to stand behind their brand. This is something to really appreciate and value in this economy. I know they will take care of you. I'm not sure what is going on with the quality? Good Luck, let us know what happens.
  11. Oh my word! That's terrible! For a bag that expensive to have sooo many issues...

    I would def. bring it up to the manager. I'm sorry that has happened!!!
  12. UGH, are you serious? I haven't even used my Floral Sophia yet. Maybe it should just go back. Are you even going to be able to get a replacement? I thought they were sold out? I mean, I know they are replenishing stock, but are you going to get a replacement immediately? This is nuts!
  13. Wow. That's really bad:sad: I kind have had the same issues and I also live an hour away from the store. Yellowing bags and stitching coming out.... I hope that they fix it for you!
  14. well I called my store literally in tears, and the girl was super nice she was like you were just here with your boyfriend right, and i was like yeah i only carried it literally five times, and its really just fallign apart, and she looked in the system and was like theres not alot of these left, so she processed the damage exchange without even seeing my bag yet, and said to just bring it in when the new bag arrives, but still.. i feel like im wasting all this gas and time when i should be receiving the bags in good condition and im not!
  15. I just saw the rest of your photos. I'm not sure that I would even get another flower sophia.... that looks really really bad.