Quality Issue with B.Fendi Bag on Bluefly anyone?

  1. Hi all, just wondering any of you have purchased a b.Fendi from Bluefly before and any comment/issue?


    Is the B line a "permanent" line with different colors/material/details coming out from time to time? Sorry! Not very familiar with the line and just wondering whether this black leather one will be a good investment longer term?:confused1: many thanks!:yes:
  2. I haven't had any issues with my B bags in terms of craftsmanship, and I can't recall anyone else on the board having issues, either. The B bag has been around a few seasons now, and they do come out with new versions each season. IE, this past season they did metallics and canvas. For f/w there were a good number of embellished bags.
  3. I like the medium size B bags like the one you have chosen, and I have that model & it has held up well & seems to get better with use, since the Nappa leather softens up. I have heard & seen some of the Large size B bags lose their rivets that hold the back together, or attached to strap...I think this is because it is a much heavier bag. This can be repaired by Fendi or some repair shops, and I have only seen this happen with the Large B Bags, not the medium...at least so far;)
  4. Thank very so much for your responses! So do you think this particular medium black napper B bag (in terms of color/material) is a good one to choose - more classic and not date as much?? Thanks!;)
  5. That's really hard to say or predict, all the "regular" B bags are pretty nice (the embellished may go out I think), probably the 100% patent leather will date out in time, but they are quite a splash! The nappa, hard leather & canvas IMHO are all good choices. If you get tired of the bag, you can always sell it on eBay or trade it. But some of the discontinued Fendis actually increase or hold their value over their initial price, because they are highly prized and hard to come by.:yes:
  6. Now that you mention it, I did see a medium B bag in oak at Barney's that was missing 2 of the 3 back rivets connecting the flap to the back of the bag. Luckily I noticed before I purchased it. This was a sale bag, though, so I think it had been manhandled a bit. I wouldn't worry about it too much if you treat your bags nicely and don't overload them with like multiple waterbottles or something.

    I also agree the black is nice. I like the patent and napa combo.
  7. Thanks ladies! Between the color bone nappa(light brown)/black patent trim and Black nappa/patent black trim, which one will you choose?:confused1:
  8. As BL said above, The large BBags do have problems with the rivets that attach the back part of the flap, and the handles (my large BBag has had this problem twice thus far). Also, the lock mechanism isn't so great for the large bags, and some have been known to break. Also, because the bag is so heavy, when you're holding it, the flap pulls away from the lock mechanism -- looks strange to some.

    The medium bag (which I have in oak) has never given me a problem. I think it's a great bag, and if you're worried about it ageing, get it in the black or the tan -- always classics.
  9. I think I would prefer the black on black. I have been eyeing the one on bluefly. Make sure you use a coupon code to get the additional discount!