Quality going downhill

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  1. Long story short - I ended up caving in and buying a Neverfull MM in the end of January. I‘ve been using it pretty much exclusively for work for almost a full month and I‘ve noticed that the glazing on one handle seems to be coming off.

    The alignment isn‘t the best and there are loose threads too. Overall - im honestly not too impressed with the quality but I‘m not really sure if I should bring it into the store to maybe get a replacement since its about 2 hours away. They might see it as a user defect. The Vachetta was left untreated by me!

    The glazing was also done horribly in my opinion.

    Honestly regret having bought the bag. Never had any problems like this with my Stella McCartneys. 469F9912-01C5-4F00-AB86-D9DC21C42837.jpeg 34D579CB-25C1-43FA-BAFC-05AA824975D4.jpeg 96D3AD3E-91C2-41FD-ACA1-975002D112A7.jpeg

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  2. I honestly would expect that after YEARS of abuse. This is happening after a month? Are you carrying massive heavy things in it? I would take it in.
  3. Yeah I was thinking the same.
  4. I carry a 1-inch folder, my wallet, a 1 liter bottle of water and a pencilcase! Thats what had me wondering, since I havent even stuffed it to full capacity once!
  5. That is what you say if you bring it in. This is absolutely unacceptable for a month old bag. So sorry your bag is causing you stress. You shouldn't have to think about this with a new purchase.
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  6. That's horrible! I'd bring in it as soon as possible if I were you. Please let me know how it goes. I am thinking about buying a NF as my next purchase but posts like this makes me hesitant. I'm crossing my thumbs that this bag was just faulty and that you'll get a new one without these problems. :tdown:
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  7. I would bring it in and have it looked at. I had something similar happen with my straps but it was totally my fault because I was carrying my laptop on it and the straps stretch to the point where the glazing began to look like yours. They changed out the straps for me free of charge but told me that I shouldn’t hang it in my closet at work because o have too much weight in it.
    Good Luck
  8. Quality has gone downhill. Quantity up quality down. They are so busy mass producing it’s hard to keep quality absolutely perfect. I was going to purchase a wallet yesterday but a stitch was just floating in the air ....even the SA was looking at it weird lol
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  9. Ugh no no no, bring it back
    So sad this is happening with all brands.
    At least LV is good for repairing and exchanging.
    A saint Laurent bag I have is giving me stress but I know they have the worse customer service so not even worth it to drive and complain ‍♀️
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  10. Thanks for all your nice replies!
    I‘ll make sure to bring it into the Store once I‘m in Munich again, really wondering what they‘ll tell me.
    I hope they‘ll let me exchange it for a different bag.
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  11. How was the glazing when it was brand new?
  12. It seemed quite thin - the glazing is still fine on the other handle. In my opinion it was also done quite sloppily, it doesnt really have clean edges.
  13. Lv has fabulous customer service in my experience. If you were not happy when you bought it as glazing was sloppy, I would not have purchased. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  14. Yikes and is clearly not an issue from carrying too much if the clasp is doing it as well!
  15. Aren’t neverfulls supposed to be able to carry like 100+ lbs or is that an urban myth?
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